Wednesday, April 23, 2014

St Jude Hero for Goofy Challenge

I have decided to run the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World in January as a St. Jude Hero! This challenge consists of two races. The first is a half marathon on Saturday then a full marathon on Sunday, running a grand total of 39.3mi in two days.

While the 39.3 mileage may seem crazy to some, there are plenty of runDisney enthusiasts who have been running this race for the last nine years and 2015 will be the 10th Anniversary of the challenge. 

I was thrilled to run as a St Jude Hero for the Inagural Dopey Challenge in 2014. I was humbled by the outpouring of support by family and friends and exceeded my $2000 goal. Knowing I had the support of all of you, helped fuel my training in the months leading up to the races. What I did not expect, was to run The Dopey Challenge while 18wks pregnant! I found out I was pregnant the same week I met my fundraising goal. 

While my fundraising efforts for St Jude was a success, completing the Dopey Challenge was not. I got sick the week before the race and wasn't able to shake it. Many of you may know your medicine options are limited when pregnant. I finished the first three races in the challenge: 5K on Thursday, 10K on Friday and Half-Marathon on Saturday. It was Saturday afternoon I knew it was in my best interest not to attempt the 26.2mi on Sunday. I completely know it was the best decision for me, to not race on the final day (especially while pregnant). As a mom, I know it was a smart call, there is no way I should have run pregnant AND sick. But as a competitor, it hurts knowing I was trained but did not finish (DNF). I have unfinished business with this race.

Bean's due date is June 9th, and I have been looking forward to resuming my training after his/her arrival (and yes, after my recovery). We can only hope Bean will be as healthy and happy as his/her big sister, Abigail. The least I can do, as a mom with a healty child and a healthy baby on the way, is to help fundraise again for such a worthy organization. I love knowing St. Jude provides all the care needed to families with children battling cancer. No child is ever turned away! 

If you would like to donate to my 2015 St Jude Hero fundraising for runDisney's Goofy Challenge, please click HERE.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bean Predictions

Family members and friends have been chiming in on whether they think Bean is a boy or a girl. Let's back up, the disapproval for deciding to keep Bean's gender a surprise until his/her arrival came first! While most are still not too pleased with our decision to keep this a surprise until Bean's BIRTHday, they have now moved on to gender guessing. Many have shared dates with me, which I have started calling "targets". Will Bean want to share his/her birthday or have a date all their own?

I'm anxious to see when Bean might arrive. I guess I am more anxious about the arrival (the when and how) than the reveal of Bean's gender. A healthy Bean is priority #1. Abigail will gain a little brother or little sister, and regardless of gender, Bean is already very loved.

Abigail was induced 3 days before her projected due date so I wonder if I'll go into labor on my own. I definitely felt labor, albeit with it's medical start, but will it happen on it's own this time around? Since Abigail was delivered via emergency c-section, my OB has set a deadline of sorts for Bean. If Bean doesn't arrive before June 16, he/she will be removed surgically that morning at 10am. I am really not pleased with this deadline, as the thoughts of being inside the OR again make me panicky and fearful. So hopefully, it's a worst case scenario and Bean will arrive well before that!

Here are the many targets and dates when Bean could possibly arrive...

Week 37
May 19: Buddy (my uncle) and Sarah (my cousin-in-law)
May 20: Steve (Matt's uncle) and Emily (my college friend)
May 21
May 22: Brandi (my cousin)
May 23: Caleb (my cousin's son)
May 24
May 25

Week 38
May 26: Anita (my mom) and Conni (Sbux co-worker)
May 27
May 28
May 29: Richard (my grandfather)
May 30: Mati (my great-aunt) and Bill (my cousin)
May 31
June 1: Donnie and Sherry's Anniversary and Chad (Matt's cousin)

Week 39
June 2: Melissa (my cousin)
June 3
June 4
June 5
June 6
June 7: Justin (Sbux co-worker)
June 8: Henry (my friend Jolene's almost 1 year old)

Week 40
June 9: DUE DATE, Cheryl (local friend)
June 10: Peter (family friend)
June 11: Katherine (my cousin), Chris (Matt's college friend), Summer (local friend)
June 12
June 13
June 14: Valerie (Matt's sister) and Amanda (local friend)
June 15: Julie (Matt's college friend)

Week 41
June 16: C-Section Date, Ryan (Sbux co-worker) and Frank (family friend)

-Do you have a target to add to my list?
-Any reason you voted the way you did?