Monday, September 28, 2009

Abigail's First Auburn Game

Saturday we drove down to The Plains to enjoy some Auburn football, compliments of Emily & Mike Zieman - THANK YOU!!!

It's been 2 or 3 years since Matt & I attended a game in Auburn. (Matt attended the AU-Vandy game last year, but it's a bit of a sore subject.) It was a bit wild to see how not only the campus has changed, but the entire city itself! Matt has a great old man voice when discussing "when we attended Auburn", it kept me laughing. We drove around town and were able to meet up with some old friends before the game.

The weather was very rainy but we managed to stay mostly dry. There was a crazy downpour before the game, which caused the game to be delayed 30mins. We very much enjoyed the pre-game happenings, Abigail enjoyed looking at everything going on around her.

She used up all of her energy before the game and passed out sometime between the National Anthem and Waaaaaaaar Eagle! kick-off! The rain started again right at kick-off too, so Abigail and I headed to the concession area to watch the game in a dry area. It was very loud, even under the stands! Abigail took a nice long nap throughout the first quarter. The weather continued to stay yucky the entire first half so we decided to leave at half-time since the rain stopped. We watched the rest of the game at The Buffalo Connection and were happy for another Auburn victory. Overall, it was a great trip to The Plains and we are looking forward to doing it again for Auburn Homecoming.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Abs & Tobs

I must be honest, I really was a bit concerned with how Toby would handle not being the only child. He was bumped aside by a tiny thing that cries at night, his stress led him to create a new lick wound. As Abigail has grown bigger and become mobile, I became more concerned - because well, he was never fond of children. His 'protective' nature to warn me when the mailman is delivering, when a neighbor walks by or heaven forbid he needs to tell me about the squirrel in the front tree is all fine and dandy, unless it's when Abigail is napping. But with Abigail, he's funny! He'll let us know when she's getting too close to his couch, she likes to pull up on the ottoman. It's not the same protective tone, as with the mailman or squirrels, it's a playful tone. Toby has started to want to play with her! He's has a playful bark (which sometimes startles her) and I have to tell him she's not big enough to play with him yet. I will play with him instead, but he'll go back to her. He has stolen objects from her (a pacifier for example) and gallops off with it!

I've mentioned previously how Toby is thoroughly enjoying Abigail eating, since she shares her food with him. I'm transitioning Abigail from the Puffs to Cheerios now that she's 'chewing' better. Toby likes the Cheerios much better than the Puffs. Abigail giggles each time Toby licks her hand, unfortunately she wont always open her hand for him to get the Cheerio and in this scenario she giggles too.

Beets, they were for dinner.

Here are two videos from last week, we used up all our memory last week so we're a little tardy in posting these.

On Top of Stone Mountain

My cousin Christina flew to Atlanta for a visit a couple weekends ago. We dined at the Chick-fil-A Dwarf House on Friday then trek'd to Stone Mountain on Saturday, September 12th. Abigail was super shy with Christina the first night, but warmed up to her quickly. I'm so glad she was able to come spend some time with us!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nine Months Old

Today Abigail is 9mo old. I am in complete denial.

What's On The Menu
Although most of her nutrition and calories are still coming from nursing, the menu of solid foods keeps expanding. I've been enjoying making her food. Most days, she'll have a YoBaby (yogurt) snack. She absolutely loves the YoBaby and will "EH" at us if we don't feed her fast enough, it's hilarious. When she tells me "EH" I will tell her "more" and show her the baby sign (to see that sign click here). At dinner time she'll have a fruit/veg combination. She's had banana, squash, mango, avocado, pear, apple, spinach, broccoli, eggplant, peach, butternut squash, carrot...I feel like I'm forgetting something. Her dexterity is getting better, using 'the pincher grasp' of her pointer finger and thumb to pick up puffs (and sometimes lazily with her whole hand) and feed herself.

Not only can Abigail feed herself, but she can feed Toby too. When she's in the highchair, she'll eat everything off the spoon but once she's done we'll give her puffs so she can snack and practice her hand-eye-mouth coordination. It's easy to tell when she's no longer hungry because she starts giving all the puffs to Toby. I've got to hand it to him, he's patient with her and gentle - well, as gentle as he can be licking her fingers open so the puff is released. Abigail also likes to share her pacifier with me, she takes it out of her mouth and extends it to me. If I take the pacifier she immediately gets it back, it's a fun game. She also loves to share her stinky feet. I smell her toesies and say 'peee-you'; she'll giggle pull her foot away only to offer it to me repeatedly. More fun.

The E.T. Finger

Abigail wants to touch everything, all objects must be examined. Not only touch (and get into) everything, but poke her finger into things too. (I would like to take this moment to speak directly to the grandparents - please get some electrical outlet covers before our next visit.) Abigail is a big fan of stealing the straw from your drink so she can stick her finger into one of the open ends. She likes playing with zippers and snaps (the circles and holes on them), she's not as amused with tags anymore. Abigail is a big fan of her daddy's belly button and today with finger inserted, tried to stand; daddy was not pleased. Also, while nursing today, managed to sneak her finger into mommy's nose before I completely realized what she was actually doing. And I just remembered, last night while I yawned, she tried to put her entire hand in my mouth.

Curious George
Unfortunately, her curiosity isn't contained to a finger or hand, Abigail is into everything. She wants to play with cords (usually from our laptops) and I've done my best trying to keep them out of site. During this last week, she has become independently adventurous and will just decide she's ready to move on to another room. I watch from a distance, I want her to have some independence (you know, baby independence). She's perfected the step between the kitchen and the sunroom. We have caught her playing with the first step of the staircase, but she's quickly greeted with NOs and proceeds elsewhere. Abigail can also use the refrigerator and any other flat surface to stand, luckily she has not figured out the cabinet doors open. I'm hoping the cabinets will just be off limits and I wont have to Abby-proof them. (I'm not being a slacker and just not wanting to Abby-proof the cabinets. If all cabinets are off limits, then I wont be worried when we visit family and friends.)

Noise Making
Abigail babbles more and more everyday. There's all types of sounds and letters. Occasionally, we think she knows what she's saying until daddy is called 'mamamama' and Toby is called 'tha-tha' (her da-da but her tongue touches her top lip she says it leading to the 'tha' instead of a
'da'). She's also squealing or screeching, whatever you want to call it, it's a little ear piercing at times and we have no rhyme or reason to it. We
have been practicing clapping her hands during Pat-a-Cake and Boddagetta. Today was the first day she continuously clapped solo. She paused leaving the living room this morning, turned around at me and clapped. She clapped in the car while we drove to Joann's (we ventured out during the brief bit of no rain).


The few horrible weeks of horrible sleep ended about a week ago. While she was sleeping terrible, she was napping great - this lead me to believe it wasn't the teeth. Now she's been sleeping through the night again so my only guess is it was an early 9mo growth spurt. I'm sure the top teeth aren't too far away, so I better enjoy each wake-less night while they last.

Abigail's 9mo well check-up is tomorrow. Luckily, since she's had all her immunizations so far on time - tomorrow will be shot-free! I'm anxious to get her official weight, on my scale she's been around 14lbs (and according to my baby book, I weighed 14lbs 2oz at 9mo - she's been following my growth patterns almost spot on!).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bedtime Stories

One of my favorite times of the day is when it's time for Abigail to go to bed. This is not because my 'job' is over for the day, it's because I love listening to Matt read Abigail her bedtime stories.

He started out tonight with 'The Going to Bed Book' in Spanish, then commented at the end that he needs extra Spanish books so he can practice his Spanish (Hint! Hint! Mom & Alyssa!). Second book was 'Sam I AM', take a listen for yourself. Sorry I cut the video short at the end, I couldn't remember how much longer the book was and didn't want it too long that it wouldn't upload.

While Matt finished up 'Sam I AM' I ran upstairs to see if I could get a better view. Next book was 'The Foot Book', as you can tell Dr Seuss is the favorite in our house.

The last video is Matt reading 'Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?'. I was holding in the laughter, because I didn't want to blow my cover. (Toby and I must stay away at bedtime.) Unfortunately, by not laughing out loud, it was internal and will show in the shaking of the video.

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into Abigail's bedtime routine.

PS: GO ME! Two blogs, all in one day...and one blog was even about today! I must give Abigail the credit, without her cooperation it would not have been possible.

2nd PS: Janet, if you haven't invested in a pair of earphones for work yet - GO BUY SOME!!! These videos would be pretty lame without sound. In order for you to get the maximum enjoyment of your work procrastination, you really need some volume. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009


I originally started writing this blog yesterday. I was excited because I was actually blogging about events that happened the same day, because as you well know, this has not happened in a while - especially by me. As Abigail had it, she fought like crazy last night to go to bed. Matt tried, twice...then I tried, we watched some Jay Leno, and tried again. So my blog was barely started and now I'm posting, without the detailed information I began last night. Why no further details on how amazingly cute Abigail is? Because she just woke up from her nap and I can hear her babbling in her crib as the song plays "Who's that baby looking in the mirror? Who's that baby looking at you? Who's that baby looking in the mirror? That baby looks just like you!"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

At Week's End

Thursday night has arrived and we're just spending some time here catching up with Christina (Jill's 1st cousin from Tampa). She flew in tonight and will be spending the weekend with the 3 of us. So far we have plans to go to Stone Mountain and the Chick-Fil-A dwarf house, but we'll see what else we can get into this weekend.

So, last blog was almost entirely dedicated to Auburn and the start of the college football season. I'm glad to report that despite Jill's disapproval, it was a "couch-potato" Saturday for me ending in a great opening victory for my Tigers in Auburn. Next foe is Mississippi State, so we'll see which schools new coaching staff will be better prepared on Saturday night. In the meantime, enjoy some photos of Abby's first Auburn gameday.

As for Sunday, well it was both a really great day and also a very bad day. Thanks to Abby keeping Jill up most of Sat night, we skipped church and she tried to catch up on sleep while me and Abs had some fun playing around that morning. After lunch we headed to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens where we met with the family of one of Jill's "Marietta Mom" friends. They were wanting new family and kid photos, so I played photographer most of the afternoon while enjoying the beautiful gardens. I really got some great shots and we all had a lot of fun, at least until I did something that broke my heart...I broke my $400 camera lens. Yep, I somehow managed to drop my camera and it landed on the lens breaking it off and also damaging my recently purchased shoe-mount flash. I'm a little more optimistic that the lens can potentially be repaired now, but when it happened I was completely sick. Accidents happen, though, especially when you're name is Matt Barnes. Considering I don't really take many photog gigs, it may take a while to save up enough money to repair or replace, but at least my camera still works fine and I have a very good 2nd lens that I can use for now. Here's a photo of the damaged lens. Feel free to shed a tear with me...

By the way, a week ago we went to a park here in Marietta to go walking and I brought along my camera, of course. Here's some of the photos of the post-walking fun we had on the playground with Abby:

Stay tuned, more photos to follow in the next blog...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

2009 College Football Season Arrives

Oh man, I can not even begin to describe the excitement I have for the 2009 college football season beginning. Officially, it started Thursday night with two lackluster games, but those were only the beginning of the all new year. Of course, on the first day of the season college fans are hopeful that "this is the year" for their team to win it all. For me, today is less about winning it all and more about watching my team return to prominence. After a very long 9-month off-season, Auburn takes the field again with a whole new coaching staff and some new names suiting up in the Orange & Blue. I'm hopeful that all the changes on the Plains will result in a much better season than last year's disaster.

Now I know Jill is sooooo happy about football season starting, but for me this is probably my most favorite time of the year. Cool weather, leaves changing,, football, football. Woohoo!! So, that's all from us for now. It's a nice 3-day weekend, so I hope everyone has a safe and fun Labor Day weekend. Oh...and Go Tigers!

War Eagle!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Photos, Less Talk

If you're even the occasional visitor to our blog, you know our blogging consists more of photos and videos than actual words, especially lately. Not that we don't have much to say, but trying to find the time to think about a subject and then put it all down in words in a blog can be quite time consuming. And with Abby in full blown active mode crawling and getting into everything, Jill and I need every extra minute we can get to keep her occupied and out of trouble. One thing I absolutely enjoy doing is breaking out the camera and taking photos of Abigail. We always have so much fun including all those silly faces she's been making lately. For us, it's all about quality interactive time. And after taking videos and photos, then converting and uploading them, it's hard to really justify time also to typing out all the back stories and thoughts behind what we're posting. So sure, this has become more of a photoblog and video blog lately, but I think we're still doing a pretty good job updating you all in blog-land about what the 3 of us are up to, especially Miss Abigail.

So a few days ago I decided to break out the camera again...(somehow I don't get tired of doing this)...and Abby happily obliged her father by posing in front of the camera for some fun. Honestly, this kid can make some of the silliest faces already as an 8-month old, so I can only imagine how much more creative she will be in the coming months. Also, Abby and I went to the grocery store together while Jill stayed home to workout. Since it was the first father/daughter-only trip to the grocery store, I decided to bring along the camera. And the funny faces continued...

And here's some photos from a little camera fun in the kitchen last Tuesday...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some August Videos

Here are a few videos I never got around to uploading for one reason or another. I'm also in the process of turning all the videos "Private". Sorry if this is an inconvenience, but I don't want strangers viewing them randomly through the site. It will ask for a password and it's Abigail's middle name (all lower case letters). If you have any question or have trouble viewing or forgot her middle name, please direct your questions to me (

Please give me feedback on this...I'm trying to resist turning the entire blog private.