Tuesday, June 25, 2013

runningMix: Top 5 Songs

I recently plugged my iPhone and was adding a recently purchased song to my runningMix folder and realized a few songs have been played way more times than others. Usually, I select the runningMix and hit "shuffle" so I'm not sure how these songs get played 3-4 times more than others. While this isn't the music you'd find me listening to in my car driving around town (with Abigail in the backseat), I do LOVE jamming out my runs and other group fitness workouts to these uptempo beats!

Florence + The Machine: Shake It Out 1803

Pitbull: Shake Senora 1793

The Black Eyed Peas: The Time (Dirty Bit) 1299

P!nk: Blow Me (One Last Kiss) 1277

Pitbull: Give Me Everything 1091

-What are the songs that get the most play during your runs or workouts?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Yurbuds Winner

I'll make this short and sweet, for the few of you who even read this sentence... :)

If you didn't win, I do hope you'll check out Yurbuds when shopping for your next pair of running headphones...because those of us who already own Yurbuds already know, if you aren't running in Yurbuds you'll be shopping for your next pair pretty soon!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Disney Days of Summer

Last summer we got to experience breakfast at Cape May Cafe, located at The Beach Club. The food was delicious, especially the Mickey waffles! We were even visited by a few Disney pals. Abigail sure loves her character meet and greet opportunities AND when she knows they'll be visiting she always eats extra well!

Yurbuds Celebration Giveaway

One year ago yesterday, I started Couch to 5K. This was a big deal for me, as I'm pretty sure I had failed and quit the program at least 3x before. I was more determined this time around and I had registered myself for my very first 5K in August 2012, having paid money to participate was a real motivator for me. Four weeks into the eight week program, I went with a friend to get fitted for a proper pair of running shoes. I learned all about my arch and stride and that I should wear a neutral running shoe. I don't recall now if it was week 4 or week 5 that I had to repeat, it was rough, but I know I repeated one of them. I finished Couch to 5K and "ran" my first 5K. Well, I ran most of it. I walked a couple uphill portions since I had not trained for hills. When I saw Mile Marker 3, I was determined to sprint to the finish. I had been holding my iPhone (in the Otterbox Defender) the entire race and dropped my phone just as I started sprinting, causing one of my headphone ear pieces to pop right out of my ear. I had been fighting the silicone ear pieces the whole race, just like I had been fighting them every training run. I finished the race, and I was finished with those headphones! There had to be a product that would stay put during sweaty runs.

It was around that same time I started hearing about Yurbuds on Twitter. A few of my Twitter friends seemed to swear by the product but I was skeptical. They were over double the cost of most headphones, I didn't want to waste money on another product that wouldn't satisfy. After going over their website numerous times, and continuing to hear positive reviews I bit the bullet and got myself a pair as I was about to run my first half marathon in November 2012. I kick myself now for not picking up a pair sooner! The pricetag is only $30 and they are worth every penny. 

Just as the packaging describes, these sport earphones were 'developed by athletes for athletes'. I love the twist lock technology, so the ear pieces never fall out. Even in the sweatiest conditions these bad boys stay in place. Why in the world did I ever wait so long to get a pair!?!

I decided to get the Inspire Yurbuds, which are the most basic. I purchased my pair at a sporting goods store with my 4yo in tow and completely forgot the is also a women's fit which is slightly smaller. I have since decided to put the Inspire Talk Yurbuds on my wishlist, because sometimes you just need to take a call during a run. Good luck entering this giveaway!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chobani Flips Winner

I'm sitting here enjoying my Key Lime Crumble and have selected a winner, congratulations...

Don't forget to keep an eye out at your local Target and your favorite grocer, or harass them both until they stock their coolers with every Chobani Flip flavor!

Check back tomorrow morning for another new celebration giveaway!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Training Recap: June Week 2

I am so happy I am writing these weekly training recaps! While it's to help hold me more accountable, even if only to myself, I also use it as a weekly recap of life. I tend to not write in detail as much about what Abigail is doing day to day, so I know looking back months or years from now I will really appreciate the little daily write ups. Honestly, each week I want to start every recap with "I cannot believe how fast last week flew by"...which carries over to months disappearing too. And in similar fashion, we're now halfway through June. Wow.

Abigail had an amazing swim lesson, it actually looked more like swim team practice in comparison to a lesson for a 4yo. She is becoming such a good swimmer! When I swam in high school, I never cared for backstroke but Abigail seems to favorite it.

Abigail wanted to go for a run, but I talked her into riding her bike thinking she'd be faster on the bike. We also were going to deliver blueberry muffins to the sweet elderly couple we met last Monday, so the basket on her bike was needed. This bike ride was not ideal, I ended up walking the majority of the time, pleading Abigail to keep pedaling. When we chatted with Mr Charlie, I forgot to stop my GPS watch, but he seemed so happy that we remembered him and brought him Abigail's Blueberry White Chocolate Chip Muffins.

I ended up taking Brewer for a real run once Matt finished up work, we finished 1.3mi in 14.55mins. Brewer was very distracted this run, wanting to stop for every car or squirrel. He is very strong, pulling when we get started on our runs or pulling in the opposite direction when he hears another dog barking. I keep reminding myself he is ONLY 6mo old.

Abigail and I met friends at an indoor playground before her swim and dance classes. It was nice to chat and have some adult conversation while our kiddos played together. In the evening we met up with Matt, another friend and her kids at Food Truck Park. It was extra hot while we ate and played, and I still hadn't gotten my run in yet.

I decided to try to run a different path, instead of just running in our neighborhood. It's an extra wide path for walkers, runners and bicyclists and the landscaping is beautiful. The path is even off set from the road so you don't have to smell car exhaust the entire time. Most of the path can be seen easily from the road so I felt safe, until I entered a portion completely hidden from the road. I was running completely alone and while it's a safe neighborhood, I started panicking and questioning my decision to run alone. I finished a 1.5mi run in 13:44, but will have to revisit the 'how to be a safe runner' topic sometime soon.

Abigail and I visited with MOPS friends for a pool playdate in the morning. Abigail had lots of fun swimming and playing in a shallow kiddy pool with lots of friends. She wants to swim all the time but we don't have a neighborhood pool so our options are the swim lesson pool or waiting for invites from friends.

Brewer and I headed out in early evening for a run through the neighborhood. Before our usual first turn, I saw what looked to be a deer down the street, so we kept running. It was a deer! I couldn't believe it, we live in a very residential area but other neighbors confirmed this doe has been feeding regularly one street over. I forgot to pause my Nike+ so I ended up restarting after a good few minutes admiring the wildlife. We completed a total of 3mi but only have accurate time for 2.6mi, which we finished in 29min.
Family photo, Brewer thinking he's a lap dog!
Our morning was a bit lazy, the Sweaty Bands giveaway had ended Wednesday night and the Chobani Flip Giveaway officially started (ends June 18th so there's still time to enter!). After Abigail's swim and gymnastics, it was time to get my run done. Abigail insisted she wanted to come with, so I decided to take her first then I would take Brewer after. Maybe it would have been better if I had tied her to me, and just drug her along. Yes, it was that bad. She ran past the first few houses, then walked and ran very minimally after that. I kept running, at the slowest pace possible and would run to the next mailbox then turn back and run back to Abs and repeat. It was painful but we finished 1.35mi in 29min. I'm going to have to figure out a "solution" for us running together. I do want her to run with me if she'd like, but I want her to actually run if she is coming with me.

I went back out with Brewer and he didn't pull like he usually does the first mile. I knew I wanted at least 1.5mi since my mile with Abigail was at a walking pace (after all the stopping) and Brewer and I were enjoying ourselves. Slowly I started noticing the clouds were darkening and there was a nice breeze, well right before our last turn back towards the house tornado sirens went off. The clouds were moving fairly fast so we ran faster to get home. I wasn't aware we were in for bad weather and immediately turned the news on when we got home. There were tornado warnings issued until 8pm the sky turned super dark and the winds were being reported over 80mph. Very scary! We ended up with some branches in our yard but were fine otherwise.

Matt took a vacation day and we spent the day with our nephew and niece. While our niece took a nap, I took Brewer for an afternoon run. It was 85* out but felt much hotter when we were not shaded by trees. We finished 2.8mi in 33 minutes (11:44 pace), I wasn't thrilled about our pace but know runners should keep a slower pace in hotter weather.

We took all three kiddos and met up with Matt's parents for dinner at one of our favorite pizza places. I completely devoured some garlic rolls, BBQ Chicken pizza and shared a pitcher of sangria with Matt. I was SO hungry....maybe RUNgry and enjoyed every bite!

After the kids had their bacon and pancakes, I took Brewer out for a run through the neighborhood. It was a beautiful morning! I could tell Brewer was getting hot, as his pace slowed. When we came upon a neighbor watering his lawn I asked if he would water Brewer. Brewer loved the mid-run drink and walked all through the water, I decided maybe our run should be done so we headed home. We finished a 3.78mi run in 43min (11:16 pace).

Abigail and her cousins were playing outside when we got home and Brewer decided he was going to cool off in the pool and the kids had fun spraying him too.

We spent the afternoon at Turner Field watching the Braves host the Giants. We went with Matt's family, to celebrate June birthday's (my sister-in-law, Matt and mother-in-law all have birthdays in June) and to celebrate Father's Day. This was the 4th Braves game this season for Matt, Abigail and I and we have been loving the Club Level discounted tickets from Goldstar.com. This was the first game we were in direct sunlight the entire game (we have always been shaded) but were able to walk into the air-conditioned club area to cool off when needed. I highly recommend checking out Goldstar if you plan to purchase tickets for any upcoming games or shows (Atlanta has so much offered on Goldstar).

I took Brewer for his longest run to date! We finished 4.15mi in 45:49 minutes. Ideally, I would love for him to be able to run 8-10mi with me as I continue to add more and more mileage to my runs training for runDisney's Dopey Challenge (January'14). As I mentioned above, I will be revisiting 'how to be a safer runner' topic and I do feel more safe running with Brewer than alone. It would be great if I could run with a friend but it's not always easy matching schedules, and honestly a bunch of my running friends and I all run at different paces. So I will continue training Brewer to be my running partner, and it serves as a dual purpose since it exhausts some of his crazy puppy energy!

-Do you get distracted by wildlife while running?
-What makes you feel/keep you safe when you are running, or doing things alone?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chobani Celebration Giveaway

In early May, I was introduced to the new Chobani Flips. It's been like a fun scavenger hunt searching different Targets in my area to see what flavors will be in stock at any given time. I am so grateful for the Chobani Flip Twitter fans out there who gave me advice on where to buy. (I normally shop at Publix, but the Flips are currently only being sold at most Targets and now Kroger in my area.)
Hands down, the Key Lime Crumble is my absolute favorite! I do love them all and am not sure I could rave enough about them. What's even more amazing, they aren't just yummy, they are packed full of protein too! If you haven't yet tried these delicious treats, I suggest you track them down yourself soon!

I am so thrilled to be able to share my love for these Chobani Flips with one lucky celebration giveaway winner, to be selected on June 18th. Good luck!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sweaty Bands Winner

Congratulations to the winner of TWO new Sweaty Bands....

If you did not win, I suggest you check out the current Sweaty Bands offer "Buy ANY 3 Get 1 Viva Diva Free"! This special lasts until 11:59pm on Friday, June 14th.

Check back tomorrow morning for another new celebration giveaway!

Wordless Wednesday: Disney Dads

I want to give a shout out to the Disney Dads in Abigail's life. I've always said the love of Disney must be genetic. Abigail's love for all things Disney has spread to sharing our Disney Park experiences with all the wonderful "dads" in her life.

When Matt and I were first dating, many years ago, he told me he went to Disney when he was 6yo and didn't plan to return until he had kids that were 6. I decided I wanted to go for my 21st birthday, it was freezing cold that January but we had fun. Fast-forward and we took Abigail to Magic Kingdom for the first time in May 2010. Our love (mine and Abigail's) for Disney days has eventually rubbed off on Matt. He now loves visiting as much as we do!
Rainy Magic Kingdom Day, May 2012
My parents usually join us for our Disney days since they live in Florida. My dad, Abigail calls him "Nano", is always so willing to wait with us in line for all the character meet and greets.
Abigail has always loved meeting with characters, May 2010
My in-laws are here in Georgia like us, so a much longer drive and a much higher price for park tickets. Abigail worn down Matt's parents, Abigail calls them "Nana" and "Papa". They enjoyed visiting Disney with Abigail so much they upgraded their tickets to a 10 Day no expiration pass!
Donald's are #1, March 2012
Abigail's GodFather, Stephen, has also come to Disney with us. While the parks are easy to enjoy as adults, it's even more enjoyable to see it through the eyes of children. Stephen also joined Matt, Abigail and myself or The Royal Family 5K this past February.
Happy 3rd Birthday Abigail, December 2011
I hope Abigail's uncles (and aunts and cousins) will eventually join us for some Disney days too! It's always fun creating more Disney memories with family and friends!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Training Recap: June Week 1

When we are out of town, like we were for a week around Memorial Weekend, it seems to take me an entire week back home to feel normal again. This week seemed to fly and I felt unproductive everyday, even though I wasn't.

I tried to run with Brewer while Abigail rode her bike. I really do love that she wants to join me (even if it's killing my average pace on the Nike+ site). This was Abigail's first ride in our neighborhood so we had a lot of instruction discussion. She caught on that if she peddled backwards she can slow herself and stop. It was frustrating because she didn't want to stay near the side of the road and Brewer would pull so she couldn't ride in front of us. For the most part she did well, I did pause my GPS for little breaks but we finished 1.48mi in 29min. My favorite was our little break chatting with an elderly couple down the street. Abigail told the man about our blueberry bushes while he examined some of the vegetables in his garden, and told him we made muffins.

Abigail's Sweaty Pose, her suggestion
We returned to normal activities attending Abigail swim and dance classes. We skipped Food Truck Tuesday because Matt got a couple cavities filled and that just wouldn't be fun for him. I ended up heading out for a neighborhood run with Brewer while Abigail ate dinner. She was not happy with this, but running with both kids isn't something I can (or want to) do everyday. Running is very therapeutic, it clears my head, but when I'm constantly reminding a little girl not to run in the middle of the road and getting pulled along by the crazy puppy, I end up more frustrated after the run than when I started. So I promised Abigail I would take her for a run IF she was finished eating dinner by the time I got back with Brewer. Brewer and I ran 1.5mi and when we got back, we all went back out for another 2/3mi with Abigail. It was a good compromise for everyone.

After a fairly lazy morning, Abigail had afternoon swim then we headed to the gym. I was able to attend the Power Group Fitness class, it's been a good couple weeks since my last Power class. I decided to run a speedy half mile on the treadmill to get my heart rate up before the class started. When we got home, I took Brewer for another mile run.

Since it was National Running Day, I posted on Facebook that I'm running for the kids of St. Jude. I have now made a few smaller announcements that I will be running runDisney's Dopey Challenge in January for St. Jude. I am hoping to make a big blog announcement later this month.

Abigail and I ventured to swim and gymnastics classes then came home to take Brewer on his daily run. We ran 2.2mi with a pace of 10.25 and battled the humidity the entire run.

In other news, I reached 600 followers and my first blog giveaway finished! It was so great introducing lots of Twitter friends to Modify Watches and announcing the winner. I still cannot believe it has been FIVE years since Matt started this blog.

The morning kicked off with my next blog giveaway. Sweaty Bands are a favorite of mine, and from the attention this giveaway received on the first day, I can tell lots of others love Sweaty Bands too!

We met up with a friend in the afternoon at Krispy Kreme for National Doughnut Day. The line was super long but Abigail got her free chocolate iced glazed doughnut with sprinkles. I was quite impressed with her, she ate half then decided she wanted to take the remaining half home for later. I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks it's weird that National Running Day and National Doughnut Day are in the same week?

I ended up at the gym to get my miles in and was limited for time because I reserved Abigail's childcare spot very last minute. I managed to run a sub30 5K on a training run! I still cannot believe it, but love that all my hard work is paying off because I am getting stronger and faster.

I had registered to run the Strong4Life Superhero Sprint 5K benefiting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta with a few mom friends from MOPS. When it came down to it, Valerie and I were the only two in attendance. This was a complete 'fun run', it's not a certified course for times or anything so I decided to take this race easy. Valerie has been following the Couch to 5K plan and this was her first 5K "in many, many years" as she said so my plan was to just have fun and run with her. She kept a great pace as we looped around and around Piedmont Park in Atlanta. I hope she'll join me for more races in the future, it's so much fun having friends running too.

After church I took Brewer for a run around the neighborhood. The weather called for some rain so Abigail stayed home and that was good too because it started misting only .25mi into our run. Slowly the mist turned into rain then got really heavy the last .25mi back to the house. In so many ways I feel like I am still a rookie runner and I can count every time I have run in the rain on one hand. It is refreshing, not nearly as miserable as I always expected. Even with the rain, we ran 1.3mi in under 14 minutes.

-Did you participate in National Running Day or National Doughnut Day?
-Do you like running in the rain?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Abigail's Blueberry White Chocolate Chip Muffins

Last Sunday, Abigail and I checked on our blueberry bushes and were excited to see so many blueberries ripe! She was very careful getting under the netting I have up so the birds don't steal our berries. If you are not careful getting under the net, sometimes it can stag on the berries causing them to fall into the grass, making them difficult to find or worse, causing them to fall before they are ripe. Abigail was gentle picking the blueberries and at some point asked if we could make muffins with them. Why not? Abigail helped me make the batch of muffins and she decided she wanted to take them to share with our friends at community group so we did. The muffins were a hit! All we brought home was an empty container. I knew I wanted to make them again but somehow the week just flew right on by, and here we are, Sunday again...and time for more muffins!

For a generic muffin recipe, I used my Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book (I registered for this over 7yrs ago so it's not really "new" but it has great recipes. 

1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/3 sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 beaten egg
3/4 cup milk
1/4 cup cooking oil (we substitute applesauce)
3/4 cup blueberries

This recipe says it makes 12 muffins, but we used mini muffin pans and it made 40 minis. They cook at 400* for 18 minutes if you're cooking regular muffins, it only took 10 minutes for our minis.

Abigail posing with all the ingredients.
Abigail helped me count out the cups of sugar and flour and couldn't wait to crack the eggs herself. For the most part she does very well, I just end up picking out a few shells. She loves beating the eggs with a springy egg beater. Abigail helps stir the batter too. She is very careful not to keep all the ingredients in the bowl. This week I decided we should double the recipe, we still have so many blueberries!

Abigail's extra special ingredient is the white chocolate chips. I added a 1/2 cup per recipe.
Ready to fold the blueberries and white chocolate chips in!
Once all the ingredients are ready, it's my turn to fill the muffin tin and Abigail heads off to wash her hands. She was sweet to return and put the blueberries away for me too. The finished product of these muffins may not look pretty, but they sure are delicious! The blueberries are so fresh some seem to explode while baking and the while chocolate chips melt, so they are a surprise when you take a bite. I know what we're having in the morning for breakfast!
Yummy muffins, ready to be devoured!
-Do you grow any fruit or vegetables in your yard?
-What is a yummy recipe you like to make with blueberries?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sweaty Bands Celebration Giveaway

11.18.12 Women's Half Marathon
I originally heard about Sweaty Bands through twitter chat back in the fall. I didn't want to commit to an online order because headbands never seem to live up to the claims and I feel like I waste a ton of money. I stumbled upon a small display of Sweaty Bands at Big Peach Running Company, a local running store here in Atlanta. I was very hesitant to purchase a $15 headband when I have never found a product to work as claimed for me.

I absolutely LOVED my first Sweaty Band! The design was very cute and like the company claims "OMG...it doesn't slip!". I started wearing my Sweaty Band just about everyday, so I got a second. Then I a couple more at the Women's Half Marathon Expo in St. Petersburg, FL last November (and even picked up a few early Christmas presents!).

I wear a Sweaty Band during all my runs, training and racing. I am so accustomed to wearing my bands that when I happen to forget one, I usually end up cutting my run short because it really just isn't the same without them. My hair starts to tickle my face...and it's nice to keep all those fly away hairs in place.

01.12.13 WDW Marathon
During the WDW Marathon, I forgot my Sweaty Band was on and after when I was taking photos I could not believe it stayed in place for the entire 26.2 miles! I also got plenty of compliments on how cute the design is too.
03.17.13 GA Publix Half Marathon

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Modify Watches Winner

Without further ado, the winner of this Modify Watch giveaway is....

Thank you all for entering this celebration giveaway! If you did not win, I suggest you check out the Mod of the Month Club. For $35 you get a new combination, of your choice, each month with free shipping! If you want to add something to your monthly order, you will get 20% off additional items. 

Check back tomorrow morning for another new celebration giveaway!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: June Calendar Shot

There is nothing like finally cooling off as the sun goes down and getting off your feet after a long summer day at Magic Kingdom to enjoy the Electrical Parade!

-Do you have a favorite "float" or section of the Electrical Parade?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Training Recap: May Week 5

The majority of this week was spent out of town, which is never good for me in the exercise department. Spending time with family and old friends always takes priority, and that's how I like it. BUT it gets me out of any exercise routine and there's the pitfall. Once routine is removed, it's really difficult for me to get back in another routine. But I am happy to say, I did very well this week even while being out of town.

Since my dad wasn't working today, he had practice to paddle with his Dragon Boat team. I hitched a ride to South Tampa so I could run Bayshore Boulevard. I started my run and was easily distracted, I'm used to running on a treadmill in a gym so to be running on the bay was a wonderful change of scenery! In my first half mile I spotted a pod of manatees, I paused my Nike+GPS watch to actually run back and try to take a picture (bottom left photo). They didn't all surface together but I think there were four in total. Later down the road, I spotted a partial rainbow then realized a cruise ship was coming into port directly under it. Once I finally got to the south end of Bayshore and headed the opposite direction I was running normal again, no more distractions or aches, just running. I finished 7 miles in 78 minutes.
Monday started the Runner World's Run Streak too! I am going to try my best to run at least one mile every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I hope this will also help me remember to take Brewer for more daily runs too!

I was about to take Brewer out for an evening run and Abigail wanted to join me. We're staying with my parents in FL where orange groves are part of their yard. So I decided we could run up and down the orange grove, I kept pausing the GPS when Abigail needed a break. It was nice letting Brewer run free, without the leash, so he could be extra crazy and get extra tired. We ran slightly over 1mi in 13.09 minutes. Abigail can keep a good pace but we did stop a good bit. The most hilarious was when it was time for us to almost hit the driveway, she sped ahead and shouted "I win!". Sneaky, sneaky girl!

I was about to head out for my quick RWstreak mile, and Abigail wanted to tagalong again. Sigh, why not? I guess it'll be a little slower than I wanted, again, but I cannot really tell her no. Part of why I'm running is to get/stay healthy so I should be encouraging her to run too. Well, yes, but I also run as a cheap form of therapy and I cannot really clear my head with my sweet 4yo wanting to stop or hold my hand or cry because I'm going to fast. So I took a deep breath and let her join in, noting this cannot become a daily occurrence. We did run slightly further than Tuesday, but still just over a mile, in 13:40.

We had been in FL a full week and every single time Abigail wanted to fish it was either too late or we were leaving the house, so finially on our last morning (we headed home that afternoon) she finally got to fish! While Abigail was distracted playing with my mom and her cousin, I escaped for a quick run with Brewer.

Brewer and I ran through the orange groves again, and had much better pace without Abigail. We finished 1.14mi in under 12 minutes. I was hoping to be a bit faster but the uneven terrain of the grove was really starting to toll on leg muscles that are not normally used. It was a quick run but that's all we could do since I needed to get back and get all packed up to head home that afternoon.

The morning started out pretty rough, Brewer was in his crate for time out a good few times.

I set out dark and early to run The Possum Trot 10K in Roswell, GA; this would be my very first race for this distance. I was exhausted rolling out of bed, and even took a nap in the car before the race. Usually I'm excited for the race and the adrenaline starts to kick in, not this morning. I eventually started moving and found my local running gals: Brandi, Jen and Ramona. We made our way to the starting line. It was nice chatting with the gals before the race because they all had run some form of this course before so it gave me a bit of head's up. We all run at a different pace so we split but since it was an out and back course, it was fun seeing each other along the way to the finish. I am super proud that I did not walk at all on the course, and I kept a good pace. I finished this race right under 64 minutes! The average pace is about 10:20 per mile. I love seeing the continued improvement!
Our finisher photo with the Possum! Sooo not Disney!

We attended church again, FINALLY. It had been over 2mo since I've sat in our church for a sermon. We had been out of town for Easter Weekend, then volunteered with the youth the entire month of April then in May I missed as well (Abigail sick, out of town, rainy race morning, etc). It was super hot in the afternoon so I planned to run in the evening, after we attended our community group, so instead of an afternoon run Abigail and I picked some of our blueberries. We ended up with a huge container worth of blueberries and there will be bunches more in the next week or so! Abigail wanted to make muffins so we did, blueberry white chocolate chip mini-muffins. They were super tasty!  Little did I realize it was going to storm. During a break in the storm, I got all dressed for some rain and headed out with Brewer for a quick mile. A quarter of a mile into it, there was a huge clap of thunder that seemed to be right above our heads. We turned right around and headed back home only finishing a half mile run, but it was at under a 10 minute mile pace! Even though I'm supposed to be running a full mile a day for the Run Streak, I'm counting this in my streak. I give myself an A for trying!

-How do you handle little wrenches (dogs, kids, rain, etc) that alter your exercise plans?
-What is the strangest mascot you've ever met? This Possum might be mine!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Modify Watches Celebration Giveaway

On Tuesday, June 10th 2008 Matt decided to start our blog. Originally, it was "Crashmattb & Family Think Aloud" and Matt was the primary blogger. Back in 2008 we were living in Nashville, TN and we were preparing to be first time parents that December. Fast-forward ahead a few months, we moved to Marietta, Abigail arrived and I became a full time mom! Somewhere along the line Matt blogged less and I blogged more and more. So here we are FIVE years later, crazy. In order to celebrate, I wanted to giveaway some of my favorite products!

So here it is, my very first giveaway! I couldn't be more excited to share with you our love for Modify Watches. We have been part of the ModiFamily for a couple years now. For the few of you who may not be familiar with Modify yet, let me introduce you... 

 "Modify Watches are super-dope, interchangeable watches. You can mix-and-match faces and straps to create the "Mod" that allows you to make your statement, whether (quiet) or LOUD."
Matt and I continue to add to our Mod collections. Modify offers two sizes, he wears the Classic while I wear the Mini. Most of the strap/face combinations have names, and they even take recommendations from fans! The name of the watch I've worn the most is "The MODfather", it's a white strap with a black face. Abigail's favorite is "The Fairy MODmother", a bright pink strap with a purple polka-dot face. I can also be found frequently wearing the turquoise or red straps and my newest favorite is the black glitter strap! There are so many dope colors and patterns to choose from, it really is hard to have only one favorite.

Modify Watches even has a Pinterest board highlighting the ModiFamily, check it out! You might even spot a cute, familiar face sporting a watch or two.

a Rafflecopter giveaway