Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Weekend Photos

Hey folks, we just wanted to make a quick post to show off a few photos from our Memorial Weekend, including Abby's first trip to the beach. Enjoy!

Bump in the Road

Hello all. It's a lazy Sunday afternoon here in the Barnes household after a productive day working in the yard. The grass is mowed and the bushes are trimmed now, woohoo! We're just glad we can wind down this evening a little while because the last week has been a little crazy for us. As Jill's previous blog mentioned, we headed back home on Tuesday from our Memorial Weekend in Tampa, and made a stop in Fayetteville to check on Valerie who was in the hospital. We spent the afternoon with her and Justin, and thankfully she was given her release to go home that same evening after seeing that her contractions had calmed down. We helped them load up the cars and followed them back to Newnan for dinner. After making sure all was cool at the Daniel home, we said our goodbyes and headed back to Marietta. For Valerie, she's currently on bed rest until week 35, which is next Sunday. Little Gavin is doing fine, but we all want him to grow and develop a little more in his mommy's tummy before meeting all of us. His due date is July 12th, although we all think he's more likely to be a June baby. Of course, having a June birthday would be fine because he would join his mother, grandmother, and uncle. ;-)

On to other news. So, some of you may have heard news about my job situation with Philips Design, and for those who don't know please let me share. This past Wednesday I returned back to work after the nice 5 day vacation, and while waiting for my morning coffee was asked to go meet with our Sr. Director in his office. With fresh coffee in hand, I walked in and sat down thinking we were about to talk about more potential opportunities like we had the previous week. Unfortunately, I was greeted with rather shocking news when he told me that our superiors in Europe were looking to make more job cuts in the coming months due to continuously falling sales, and that among those listed to be cut from our office in Atlanta was me. I guess I can't even begin to explain my reaction, mostly because it was neither "sky is falling" or understanding. Probably somewhere between is where my mind is right now as I consider what the ramifications of this news means to my career, and most importantly my family. With a 5 month old and Jill at home, and us closing on a home after waiting 6 months to sale our Nashville home, and being so close to my side of the family...there are plenty of reasons why it is inherently important to try to stay put in Atlanta. I just don't know what opportunities will pop up until my job search really gets rolling along. I've already made some headway in the search, though. Updated my resume/portfolio. Contacted a slew of recruiters/headhunters. And have actually applied for a similar job in Alpharetta, which seems to be my best option for right now.

For this upcoming week I plan to keep my search going while also balancing out my continued job duties at work. Despite the outlook of my job, I do plan to travel to Charleston at the end of the week to meet with a client of ours. I may be approaching this trip as both an opportunity to create work for me while my days at Philips count down, as well as look at potential freelance/consulting after my time is up at Philips. I've thought about consulting for some time now, so considering my situation and need to stay in Atlanta, this may be a good time to consider that route for my career. I guess only time will tell, right. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

backseat blogging

We left Tpa at 530 this morning. Abigail, Toby and I snoozed until Valdosta. I remembered Matt has a fancy phone currently and so decided I should blog from the backseat. Two weeks ago Matt's phone died. He chose a fancy phone that has WIFI and we are currently paying too much for the data plan until we get the rebate. At least I have something to occupy myself with since the kids are back in dreamland.

Abigail and I had a great week in Tpa. From my lack of tan you would have never known we were there for a rained a lot. Matt joined us Thursday night and we spent most of our time relaxing on my parent's porch swing or on Steve & Joanna's dock. Sunday we went to Anna Maria Island for Abigail's first trip to the beach. Unfortunately her time at the beach was short lived, she gets overheated so easily! We did have plenty of time to socialize with family though. And we sang Happy "35th" Birthday to my mom, today is her actual day -- Happy Happy Mom! Last night we had dinner at Gma & Gpa's to celebrate Gpa's 78th birthday, his actual day is the 29th.

We're now passing through Macon and I think it's time to put the phone away...I haven't been car sick in years and don't want to revisit that again. We will post pictures and blog a Valerie/Gavin update soon, keep praying for them though!

Friday, May 22, 2009


First of all, I'd like to point out that I am actually blogging about today! I know we haven't been doing very well keeping up the blog, but life is too fun with Abigail.

We were supposed to join my grandparents and Wesley again at Castillos but Abigail surprised us by sleeping in. We had plans to do lunch with Janet in St. Pete, sorry we didn't take any pictures of her sassy new haircut with Abigail. On our way back home from lunch we detoured by Mavilo's to pick up baby jewelry that needed cleaning and picked up Abuela. Matt had some fun/lazy time with Abigail on the back porch.

This evening we had dinner with Sharon & Bob, Great-Aunt Zorida, Kevin & Sarah, Doug, Stephanie & Brooklyn. It gave all of them a chance to meet Abigail, and Matt & I a chance to meet Stephanie & Brooklyn. Doug married Stephanie over a year ago and we had yet to meet! Well, we were living in TN and they recently moved from SC to Tampa. It was a nice evening with family. Then Abigail stole the show and rolled all by herself from back to belly!


We had lunch at Gma&Gpa's, like Marisa does weekly. Wesley was there and Alyssa stopped by later.

Oh! Monday we also went by to see The Rhodes Family. We don't see Ty & Ava enough, they grow so much in between our visits! Here's a picture of Abigail with Ava.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Every trip to Tampa is full to the brim. This week has been full, while mostly nice.

We had a lazy morning then spent the afternoon at Aunt Sharon's with Marisa, Mason & Melina (Alyssa calls them M^3, cute). That night my mom hosted Bunco so all the current & former Lago Vista ladies got to love on Abigail.

We headed to West Tampa for mom's nail appt, I dropped her off then went to Abuela's house for Abigail to finish her nap. When she woke up, I found a wonderful surprise - an explosive poo! - and after the weekend craziness, I didn't have a change of clothes for her. Abuela wanted to cut a hole in the top of a pillow case so she wouldn't be 'naked' the entire time. I hand washed the outfit and put it in the dryer, finishing off the booty ruffles with the hair dryer. Then the 4 of us went to lunch in Hyde Park with Jeri for an early celebratory birthday lunch for my mom. Then we spent the rest of the day at home.

Back to West Tampa for breakfast at Castillos, the new favorite breakfast/lunch restaurant of all my grandparents. We stopped by Mavilo's to pick up my rings (YEA!) and drop of some baby heirloom jewelry to be cleaned. We picked up Abuela so she could spend more time with Abigail in the afternoon, leaving me plenty of Abby-free time to address some invitations and write some thank you notes. In the evening we went to my God-Sister's High School Graduation.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Great Weekend

Emily & Mike's wedding was so fun! It was a simple Catholic ceremony (that we were late for...someone thought the wedding was at 5:30 instead of 5!). The church was small and without air but was located beautifully on the gulf, where the newlywed couple left after the ceremony in a boat. The reception was in a barn (SO Emily) but it was gorgeous. My parents and grandparents were in attendance, as well as Abigail. We danced with Abigail, she had fun. She line danced with Mommy & Nina to the 'to the right, to the right, to the left, to the left, now kick, kick' song. And Abigail slow danced with Mommy & Daddy, and boogied with Mommy to Brown Eyed Girl...I'm still hoping those hazel flecks don't become brown eyes.

(Complete side note here... I'm used to calling them Emily & Z so I don't think I ever realized what I'm about to explain. Janet & Emily were both in my wedding, and they both got married a month apart from each other. And my new epiphany? They both married MIKES! Just ignore my Mush Moment - I think that's what I should start calling them, since my brain isn't functioning at full capacity anymore.)

It was a fun Auburn influenced evening, even with a War Eagle shaker send off. A great touch! OHH!!! And I also learned that another friend of mine from Auburn is now engaged! Sarah didn't want to spoil Emily's day so she didn't say anything, my father actually said something thinking I forgot to tell him. I can not be happier for Sarah & Ricky! (It's the same happiness I share for all my family & friends...the newlyweds, the newly engaged...and those I anxiously await engagement phone calls from <-you know who you are!).


Abigail and I rode back down with my parents & grandparents to Tampa and will be spending the week here; Matt will join us Thursday night. That drive was crazy, Abigail only slept the first 4hrs. I couldn't wait to get here to see Mr Toby! He was so excited to see me, and maybe a little excited for Abigail....then a little less when she got fussy. Currently, Toby is on the floor on one side of the bed and Abigail is in a crib on the other - both slightly snoring. It's time for me to join them in dreamland, goodnight!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane - LONG UPDATE

Hello from Fairhope, AL!! Yes we're here for the wedding of Jill's college friend, Emily. We're joined by Wayne, Anita, and the Henriquez grandparents.

Alright, so we've neglected the blog somewhat over the last few weeks, and for that we apologize. Of course, it's always hard to find time to blog or do much of anything else when you're constantly on the go the way we have been this Spring. The funny thing is we knew that we were going to have to run the gauntlet the next few weeks anyways as April and May approached. We had 3 weddings already planned, but then there was the unexpected (but grateful) sale of our townhome in April that shifted our lives into an even more chaotic schedule than what we had originally planned. So amid all the weekends away, we then added a trip to Nashville for the closing and to see friends while we were there. So without going into detail about the trips we made, I'll just give a few short blurbs about each event and then have a slideshow of photos to go along with it. Enjoy the massive update:

Weekend of April 24th-26th:

Jill had driven down to Tampa earlier in the week to enjoy some family time while I stuck around that week here in Atlanta for work. On that Friday evening I caught a flight and began the ultra quick weekend. On Saturday afternoon, we attended Janet & Mike's wedding in St. Pete. Great time, loads of fun! On Sunday at 6am, we loaded up the car and headed back to Atlanta.

Weekend of May 1st-3rd

We actually drove to Nashville on Wednesday (4/29) so I could tackle the tall task of steam cleaning the townhouse carpets before the closing on Thursday. Jill and Abby stayed at the hotel while I knocked out the carpets late that night, and then Thursday morning we met up with some of Jill's former coworkers from Hotel Preston for breakfast. That afternoon we had the closing in Franklin, then drove back over to my former job site, Griffin, to show off little Miss Abigail. That evening we met up with friends, including Clint, Fernanda, Mark & Samantha for a few beers at Yazoo. Abby got to meet Brian and Brandy (Yazoo bartenders) and even serve her first beer from a bar. Nice, eh!

On Friday we drove home where my mom met up with us since my dad was on his way to bike week in PC, Florida. On Saturday night we had friends over for a cookout (Adam, Elaine, Clint, Kelly, Julie and her new baby son, Desmond). On Sunday, I got up early and met up with some people for the May Caffeine & Octane car meetup in East Cobb.

Weekend of May 8th-10th

We traveled to LaGrange for the dual purposes of my grandfather's wedding and Mother's Day. I was the photographer at the wedding on Saturday and had a front row seat (technically on the floor) for my grandfather's wedding ceremony. Btw, he's 84 years old and was married to Evelyn, who is 76. Love has no age limits people, and they both are incredible human beings with big hearts and plenty of love to go around. I was so proud of both of them. And yes, it was possibly the most hilarious wedding I've ever been to. Lots of fun, though.

On Sunday we went to church and then enjoyed our Mother's Day dinner @ Ruby Tuesday. The dining experience would not have been complete had the waitress not spilled an entire glass of water on my mom, therefore solidifying the idea that LaGrange has the worst food industry workers for a concentrated area ever. We had a good lunch overall, said our goodbyes, and then headed back to Marietta to salvage the few hours of the weekend that were left.

Wow, I think I kept that 3+ week update fairly simple. So, in summation, it was an interesting and fast-paced 3 weeks (excluding the craziness of the weeks prior to that). After this weekend, Jill & Abby are riding back to Tampa with Wayne, Anita and the Henriquez granparents while I head back to Atlanta for the week. Of course, next weekend is Memorial weekend, so I'm driving down Thursday night to meet back up with everyone in Tampa. Oh, and just for kicks, add in the fact that Miss Abigail is now just a few days shy of turning 5 months old. Yowza, where does the time go??? Well, I'm sure it's easy for everyone to understand how insanely wild these times are for us. We will try to update more as things slow down, so just make sure to check in on us when you can. And please...please...could you drop us a little comment to let us know that you people are still out there checking this blog? Thanks and have a great week!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rollin' in the gDiapers

The gDiapers arrived yesterday and I was anxious to start using them today.

I had already planned to go walking at East Cobb Park with some other Marietta Moms so I didn't want to start the gDiapers on an outing. I was literally 'hit' with a shock when I got to the park. A lady backed into my parked car! I was sitting in the car trying to decide if it was going to keep sprinkling and if any other moms would show. Luckily, Abigail was still buckled in her seat and we weren't hit very hard. I saw her coming towards me and honked, got out and she drove away! I was hard to miss in my bright red shirt, especially after the honk and the bump. I memorized her tag and called Cobb County PD, fun. The cop ran her tag and was going to go to her home and ticket her for a hit & run. We have to wait to see what his report says to see how/when my car will be fixed. The rain let up for us to walk a bit then we went to Coffee Park so the other children could play indoors.

When I eventually made it home, I changed Abigail into a 'little g' and it was freakin' cute! It's sooo less bulky than Bumkin I had previously bought. Since that 1st g earlier, I've since changed three and Matt one. I'm liking them so far! Right before Matt got home, I had propped Abigail up on the couch to take a quick pic to share with you all, and she rolled over. She has rolled tummy to back a few times, but all flukes. I thought it was the curve of the couch, helping her out, but it wasn't. She kept doing it over and over, so my photo turned into a video. Once Matt got home, I put her on her playmat and she did it some more. SO CUTE!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

She's SO Flexible

Abigail is getting to be more and more fun each day...and it almost seems like she discovers something new each day as well. Today we had the 2nd round of 4mo shots. While we waited for the nurse to bring her in her shots, Abigail had lots of fun tasting her toes and doing leg lifts. She surprised me when the arch of her foot actually made it in her mouth! She did it enough times, and kept the foot in place long enough too, for me to snap a pic. Too funny!

I must say Abigail was amazing today! She only had 2 shots, HIB and Prevnar, and she whimpered at the first and then cried at the second. The nurse said the Prevnar burns a lot.

Abigail was also weighed today and is now 11lbs 12oz (an 8oz gain from 2wks ago).

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lazy Sat AM in LG

We're hanging out at Matt's parent's house this lazy morning in preparation to the big wedding at 3 today. Yes, today is the day Matt's 84yr old grandfather is getting hitched, for the 4th time. From what's we've been told about the rehearsal last night, the ceremony is going to be short but hilarious so we are looking forward to it...and to welcoming Evelyn into the family. Matt will be taking lots of pictures and someone will be using out other camera to video, hopefully it wont take us too long to post them (I know, we're running a couple weeks behind still.)

Abigail christened her daddy's face this morning. While daddy was a bit grossed out, mommy though it was so funny she wouldn't let him wipe it off until it could be documented. Mommy already had her turn on April 16th, so it was about time for daddy to experience it for himself.

It's now time for us to start getting ready for the wedding! Have a great Saturday!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time Flies...She's Getting So Big

Everyone with children (especially adult children) tell us how fast time will fly, and the last 4 months have done just that. Abigail is actually half way through her 4th month. I had her 4mo appt last Tuesday, she weighed in at 11lbs 4oz and now measures 24in long. While Abigail is in the lowest percentages compared to the other babies her age, the Pediatrician described her as 'long and lean.' (I think it's a little silly to compare babies of the same age together since the factors of birth weight and size of parents isn't taken into consideration.)

Currently, Abigail is still wearing mostly 0-3mo clothing (most says up to 12.5lbs) and size 1 diapers (up to 12lbs). I can tell the diapers are starting to get a little small, so we'll be finishing off what we have then move along (albeit, sadly for me) to the size 1-2s. Luckily, I found one huge box of size 1 diapers in the closet over the weekend (thanks Christina or Nikki, they were from one of you) and it seems I found them just in time!

I know this sentimentality is not the update and recap you were expecting, but Abigail was sleeping so adorable on Matt again tonight. It slightly startled me, the site of her, and I thought 'holy crap, she's gotten huge.' So here's a picture of her sleeping with Matt when she was 1mo old compared to 4mo old.

We took a break and hadn't put Abigail in the Jumperoo in a while, then tried it again a week or so ago. I finally took video of her yesterday in it, it's really funny. Her little legs move so fast!

Well, Abigail was playing with Matt but it's almost that time of the night where only Mommy will do. He took her upstairs to change her into her pajamas. Low and behold, she's wearing Melina hand-me-down snowman/tree footie pajamas. Abigail has allowed a playtime distraction so we took another quick video, until the batteries died. We're trying to keep her up as late as possible to exhaust her so we don't have another late night nap like the last two nights. It's now officially time for Abigail to get her milk nightcap. Good Night!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Time for an Update?

Alright folks, I'm sure there are some of you that have been waiting for us to update the blog. Unfortunately, this isn't going to be the full recap that some of you may have been waiting for because it's 10:30pm on a Sunday night and we're in need of some sleep before the new week begins. The biggest news of the last two weeks is that we officially sold our home in Nashville and will now be looking to close within the next month on the place we've called home here in Marietta since November. It's such a huge relief for us. No more dual house payments and dual home bills. No more waiting in limbo.

And so that's the quick update. One of us will be back tomorrow to do a more detailed blog with photos, video and anything else, so make sure to check back in soon. Have a great week!