Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dockside with Tio Wes

I arrived in Tampa yesterday...spending the rest of the week here before Janet & Mike's wedding on Saturday AT THREE (see, I remember now). The drive down was great. I left the house at 5:30AM. We did a quick stop for gas, Starbucks and a Toby potty break in Tifton. Then arrived in Odessa at 12:30PM, I LOVE driving with a sleeping Abigail! It's a 7hr drive with one stop, normally. If Abigail needs to eat, the drive easily becomes 8hrs and if she's upset/mad/pissed (which is caused by late driving) it becomes a 9hr drive.

My brother dropped by to visit with Abigail not long after we arrived. I guess it's another perk from his current unemployed situation, in addition to getting to do lunch during the week with our grandparents.

Today we dropped by TECO so my dad could show off Abigail before we headed to lunch. Then we picked up my grandmother and went to International Mall, and met up with Alyssa. (Alyssa and I have waaaaay to similar taste at Loft, it's so funny! Oh and she makes the best blankets!) We finished off the evening with dinner in Brandon with the Garcia side of the family.

Tomorrow will be fun filled, we're spending the afternoon at my grandparents with Marisa, Mason and Melina! I'll be sure to get tons of pictures in Matt's absence.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rewinding the Weekend

Sit back and relax, we have a lot to cover...we had another great weekend! (Seriously, grab yourself a beverage and a snack you're gonna be here a while.)

We decided to head to LaGrange on Friday so we wouldn't feel too rushed on Saturday before A-Day. Matt was excited because this gave us a chance to eat at a Chick-fil-A Dwarf House, he really wanted a Hot Brown.

What Is A Hot Brown? 04-17-09 from Jill Barnes on Vimeo

Matt said the Hot Brown was everything he remembered and gave it two thumbs up, although he stuffed himself with everything but that last bite of toast. After Matt was one satisfied customer, the visit wouldn't be complete without a walk through the dwarf door.

Dwarf Door 4-17-09 from Jill Barnes on Vimeo

We got back on the road and Abigail started this grunt/talk, which of course we think is so cute/funny and want to share it.

Cupi Talk 04-17-09 from Jill Allison on Vimeo

We finally made it to LaGrange and Abigail was still full of energy for her Nana and Papa.

More Abigail 04-19-09 from Matt Barnes on Vimeo

Saturday was lots of fun. We headed to Auburn for A-Day. This is a Spring football game, offense versus defense, so fans can check out the team before the upcoming season. Matt wanted to support the new head coach, Gene Chizik and introduce Abigail to Auburn. This could not be done without our girl getting decked out, Auburn style.

The weather was beautiful for an afternoon on The Plains. Turns out there was a record crowd for A-Day! Abigail really enjoyed herself. She loved looking at all the people and colors; I think she thought she was actually getting to watch TV since there was so much to check out.

With a little persistence and determination, we got even got a picture with Aubie! We did a walk though campus, swinging by Samford Hall and Toomer's Corner before heading off for lunch at Niffer's. Niffer's looked the same, except this time, our table was non-alcoholic...what a difference from the many Burger Nights with the IND Crew and the AXiD Fishbowl sharing.

After we made it back to LaGrange, we had a little dessert and watched ConAir. Abigail had fun playing with her Papa some more, they have lots of fun making funny noises at each other.

We attended church this morning, followed-up with brunch at IHOP with The Greats. It was fun to see them as always...until Abigail finally gave into the need to nap. We headed off to a quick ice cream photo shoot for Scoops, our soon-to-be favorite ice cream parlor in LaGrange! Matt got plenty of great shots, but we're only including one as a sneak peak!

Abigail was so extremely exhausted she snoozed from 2 until 6:30! She slept through the entire photo shoot, us packing up the car AND driving back to Atlanta. She did miss a little excitement on the drive since...I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Once we arrived back at home and she got to eat, Abigail was all smiles again. Matt enjoyed a little naked time with our girl.

Now it's really late, Abigail & Matt have been off in dreamland for a couple hours now. I've been watching the weather and trying to finish uploading everything and telling about our wonderful weekend! I hope you enjoyed hearing/reading all about our weekend.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back from Arkansas

Well, I survived Arkansas! Yes, the trip was bit crazy after dealing with my flight cancellation Monday night and then waiting for hours Tuesday at Atlanta airport on standby for another flight. I missed my meeting with our Walmart sales group Tuesday morning, along with all my classes that I was supposed to be taking while there for the Expo, but tried my best to make up for it when I finally did get there. My Wednesday flew by, but I spent a majority of my morning walking on the tradeshow floors and talking with vendors. I did get to take a few classes in the afternoon, as well as make some time to visit with our Walmart sales group for a short while also. The trip home was normal for the most part with even the suprise of my plane arriving almost 30 mins early, but my hope of ending on a good note with Delta was all squashed when they told us that they didn't have a gate available. Instead of arriving early, I ended up walking off the plan 15 mins late. Awesome! Then after waiting almost 45 mins for my bag to appear in baggage claim I grabbed a MARTA train back to where I parked on the north side near my office and then headed home. A very strange, and very quick trip, but I think it was worth sticking with it and not just canceling it altogether as I was considering.

As for free time, I did try to enjoy a little bit of the Arkansas countryside on Tuesday afternoon/evening. Since I had arrived well after the first day of the conference, I decided to take the rental car out into the Ozarks to go visit a really interesting place. You see, I had found out about a remote little spot deep in the Ozark Mountains a few miles outside of Bentonville called War Eagle. Being the rabid Auburn fan that I am, I couldn't help but visit such a well-named place. And so that afternoon I took the short drive over there to take some photos of the old mill and 100 year old wood/steel bridge there. It was a nice way to relax after all the craziness of my flight cancellations and wasting hours at an airport.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This girl is nuts...

Currently, I'm sitting in bed and Abigail is sitting/squirming in between my legs. We came to bed at 10. I nursed her, and tried to make sure she was good and asleep before moving her from the boppy to her bassinet. She woke up. I tried to nurse her a bit more, she fell right back to sleep. And again, woke up once she was in the bassinet. During that hour and a half, Toby also was indecisive about his spot for the night and realized daddy's not coming to bed so I'm sleeping in his spot.

To get a good visual, the bottoms of my feet are touching and Abigail's back is against my left thigh. She is kicking/pushing against my right calf, almost forcefully enough where I think she could flip herself over my left thigh if she was a little longer. And while I type, she's peering around my arm with big eyes silently gumming her fingers. Scratch the silent part, occasionally she's talking. I've seen a few eye rubs, I know she's tired.

This late night routine has been happening for two weeks now, in case I've failed to mention it. It's hard to wake her up earlier in the mornings when she's keeping me up late too, and she obviously loves her sleep like her Momma. She naps well during the day, usually one longer nap and a few short naps. We play a lot and we'll let her kick and talk out some of that remaining energy...but there always seems to be an energy stash that keeps her going until 12 or 12:30am. I can tell she's getting drained, she's wide-eyed staring, quietly, at the white screen of my laptop...her arms up in what Matt calls the 'I'm not a crook' pose. This is also how she sleeps, which is partially why we were never able to swaddle her arms in.

Now her heavy eyelids have closed. But before I try to make the move from my lap to her bed, I'd like to take the opportunity to explain WHY Matt isn't coming to bed tonight. He is in Arkansas for work, something with Walmart and packaging. Poor guy was supposed to be on a flight Monday night around 9pm and the bad weather postponed it an hour or so. We (my dad, Abigail, Toby and I) dropped him off at the airport and we were almost home when I got a call from him. He checked his bag and was given a new boarding pass because his gate changed. The wonderful ticketing agent failed to mention that his flight was cancelled and he was put on the 4pm flight for Tuesday. Matt didn't realize this until he got to the new gate. My parents headed back to the airport to pick him up while I got Abigail to bed. (12:17am: Third transfer attempt failed.) Matt got up early this morning (Tuesday) to arrive at the airport early in attempt to try to fly stand-by for an earlier flight, no luck. He missed all his stuff today, but was able to visit War Eagle, Arkansas. He is flying back tomorrow night, hopefully his bad luck with Delta is over and he'll have no issues with his flight back tomorrow (Wednesday).

She is asleep again, this time on the boppy, it's not easy typing over her. Toby might just have to be demoted to the foot of the bed so I can lay her down next to me. Occasionally, I'll let her lay in our bed once Matt's gone to work...or she'll nap in our bed. Sleeping next to Abigail would be better than Toby's booty, which is what is currently at my pillow.

I have yet to mention... First of all, her ears are still looking great! Tomorrow will be two weeks since they were pierced. Second, she's getting bigger and doesn't look so itty-bitty in the Jumperoo. I'll have to take a pic or video of her soon so you can compare to the last set from the Jumperoo. Third, I had her laying down on her back tonight probably around 9:30 in attempt to let her kick out her remaining energy (as you've already read, that attempt was a huge failure). She kicks her legs up to touch her toes and slightly falls to her left. She repeated this so many times she completed TWO full circles all the way around. It was very amusing.

Now it's 12:45am and I'm exhausted. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We're settling down and about to head off to bed, but before we call this Easter Sunday over we wanted to make sure we just made a quick post about today's activities. This morning the 5 of us (Jill, Abby, Wayne, & Anita) got up and all went to Easter morning church service. After church we swung by the house to pick up a few things and then hit the road headed for Val & Justin's place in Newnan where we met up with them and my parents for Easter lunch. We had a great time and Miss Abigail got to spend time with both sets of grandparents today, along with her aunt and uncle. Of course, the day wasn't complete until we all made our way outside in in the beautiful Spring weather to take some photos.

I have a very busy next few days with Philips sending me to the Wal-Mart Pack Expo for a few days. I'll be flying out tomorrow night to northwest Arkansas (Bentonville...aka Wal-Mart USA) after a full day of work, and then have two days for the expo/conference. Since I haven't even packed yet and it's almost 11pm, I'm going to finish up this post. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and best wishes for a great week.

Okay, so we had a little fun with Abby this evening and got it on video. Abby's laugh is just too cute.

Easter Evening 04-12-09 from Jill Barnes on Vimeo.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Approaching Easter Weekend

The work week is coming to a stormy end tonight as those Spring showers fall, and the 3 of us are having a catchup night with the DVR. For me at least, the week absolutely flew by. The days have been less hectic at work...this week...which was a nice change of pace compared to the long work days of the past few weeks. However, I felt like I was sort of working every night this week, too, because I've been editing photos from Saturday's photo shoot. Seeing how well the photos turned out considering they were my first portrait sessions does make the amount of time I'm devoting to them worth it, though. And yes we made sure to squeeze in some time Saturday to take a few photos of Miss Abigail also.

Yesterday evening we made the trip down to LaGrange so we could see the Easter play at Mom & Dad's church, and even got spend a little time with Myra & PawPaw before the play began. The play was great as always (including Dad & Justin's roles) from where I was sitting, but Jill and Abby did little or no sitting during the play, however. Abby wasn't upset the whole time, but she didn't want to sit still in a church pew for two hours either, so Jill spent most of her time close to the auditorium doors. When it was over Mom & Dad got to take Abigail off our hands and show her off to all their church friends. We also stopped for dinner at IHOP before heading back home, which ended up being a late arrival past 1am.

And so now we're looking towards Easter Sunday. Wayne & Anita are arriving tomorrow sometime around noon, so Abby gets to spend time with her other grandparents as well, and then we will head back down to Newnan for Easter lunch with my side of the family. Fun family weekend! So, if there are no more updates, please know that we'll be ready to blog again when the weekend is over. So God Bless, and have a great Easter, folks!

Monday, April 6, 2009

LOL at Abigail

Abigail is in her swing so I can update the blog. I know it's been about a week (and I even received a phone call this morning from my grandparents making sure I was aware it's been 3 days since they've received a new pic).

When I walked into the kitchen to let Toby back inside, I could hear Abigail laughing. Her laugh is so contagious. I have NO idea what she laughs at sometimes, she's such a happy little girl. She has a giggle, a girly little laugh. Then there is the facial laugh, without noise. But the funniest is the really loud laugh...the best way I can try to explain it is as if you try to make a noise while breathing in through your mouth. I'll have to get it on video one day. I cannot forget to mention the laugh/cry. This usually happens when she's starting to get fussy or sleepy. I got a bit of this a moment ago, and now she's snoozing in the swing.

I always buckle her in the swing, and it's a good thing since she's started trying to grab at her toes even while swinging. Matt and I are always amused by her kicking ability and her fascination with the kicking. As soon as we put her on her back, to change her diaper, those little legs get going.

I caught her trying to eat the top part of the little outfit, after she tried to touch her toes. Abigail tries to put everything in her mouth, but not much actually makes it IN the mouth yet. She usually lets go of whatever (not intentionally) before it gets to the mouth. Her hands are getting stronger and she's closing her hand on more recently. Abigail has been grabbing Matt's glasses off his face more often. She's also managed to grab onto his nose or mouth, with a finger inside the nose or mouth. It's funny. Last night and this morning, she got a huge fist full of my hair (and it was in a ponytail!). She pulls the pacifier out of her mouth and can hold onto it, but still cannot put it back into her mouth. I'm sure that feat will be achieved in the next couple weeks.

By the way, Matt's photoshoot was great on Saturday, and yes he did take some new shots of Abigail too. We had 8 or 9 mini-sessions and Matt has a ton of pictures he's trying to go through. Maybe he'll get a couple posted tonight or tomorrow for your viewing pleasure. I'm going to try to get a little accomplished around the house while she's snoozing. Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ear Piercing, Easter Bunny and Taxes...Oh my!

What a day! It was an eventful one for all 3 of us, but we're now winding down and Jill and I are putting together all of the videos and photos of the main events. Here's the recap:

Abby's New Bling

So, early this week Jill suprised me with "hey, Abby's getting her ear's pierced for Easter this week." Although I knew it was going to happen soon....very very soon....I somehow kept denying that she would go through with it. Afterall, Abigail is so darn cute already, what's a little bling on the ears going to do? Enough I guess, so I met Jill at the mall across from my office so the deed could be done. So far I had managed to slip out of going to those doctor appointments where she got her immunizations, but today made up for that. I sat in the stool and held Abigail while the lady first marked her ears with a pen and then proceeded to use the little tool to pierced her ears. She cried pretty intensely, but I think that had just as much to do with me having to hold her still as it was the actual pain of the act. Both ears were done and both Abby and I survived with only a few tears being shed. Here's the videos:

Left Ear

04-01-09 Left Ear from Matt Barnes on Vimeo

Right Ear

04-01-09 Right Ear from Jill Barnes on Vimeo

Here's the aftermath photos:

Sometime afterwards Jill took Abigail to see the Easter Bunny and got this photo:
(btw, anyone else think this bunny is a little deranged??? haha!)

Later on this evening we finally sat down with our tax preparer at H&R Block. Even though I was astonished at how expensive they were (fee was somewhere around $350), we're glad to have this done. For the past few years we've used TurboTax, and although cheaper, we both feel it's not always accurate. Since we had the move, which was technically not reimbursed, as well as Abby's arrival on 12/20 we got to take apply some hefty deductions. We'll be getting money back in 8-15 days and it'll help as we move close to the closings of our townhouse and home here.

Dancing with Daddy

03-31-09 Dancing with Daddy from Matt Barnes on Vimeo.

Computer Virus Potential: Conficker

For the last few days I kept hearing blurbs on the news about a computer virus that was going to be sent out today, April 1st...just so happens to be April Fool's Day. I'm not super computer savvy so the most I gathered from the news brief was to be safe and run a Full Service Scan on your computers (in addition to keeping some type of protection on your computer such as AVG or McAfee). I'm sure with all the press on this virus, I'm sure any Google search with Microsoft and/or Full Service Scan would bring up what you'd need. The scan has currently been running on my computer for the last hour and I'm only at 1%, it's going to be a while.

If you don't want to do any searching, this is the direct link I used for my Full Service Scan. I'm hoping this turns out to be a April Fool's joke or a lot less severe than the media has been hyping.

Have a great April Fool's Day everyone!