Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Happy Matt!

Today Matt turned 29!
We're not huge cake people, but we love us some fresh, hot chocolate chip cookies. One of Matt's favorites is the Double Doozie cookie from American Cookie Co (it's two cookies with icing in the center). So instead of a cake, he got a homemade cookie cake. It was tasty. Then I took a quick video of some Daddy-Daughter time, enjoy it!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Well, the minutes are counting down before my first Father's Day is in the books, and it was definitely a great day thanks to both Jill and Abby. This morning Jill cooked me a Father's Day breakfast of french toast, bacon and coffee, which was all very yummy. And since Jill needed to get ready, I got to spend a little daughter/father time while eating. Already on a good start to my day, we then packed into the car and headed down the road to attend Sunday morning church. Now we've been semi-church searching ever since we moved to Atlanta, although distractions such as a baby and constant travel sort of hampered our efforts a bit at times. Anyways, Jill had found this community church that wasn't too far away from the house and we figured it'd be worth a try. To my surprise...and Jill's too, we ended up loving the church service and most things about the church today. Just something about having that peace in your heart that makes it okay to relax and believe that this might be the place for us.

After church we made our way to Home Depot and Lowe's to game plan the upcoming house work that we're either going to do or would like to do. Money and time are always obstacles, but at least we're able to focus both our ideas together, eh. Ha! I at least had no choice but to buy a gallon of paint, though, since we've stripped the walls bare in the guest bath. That project desperately needs to be done by Thursday, too, because Anita & Abuela are coming to visit starting Thursday.

Later on this evening my mom and dad joined us for for a little dinner and fun time with Abigial. We just cooked out and kept it simple, but it was nice to just have a relaxing evening with family, especially my dad since it was Father's Day. A good end to my first Father's Day.

Unfortunately, no photos of videos to share tonight. Stay tuned, though, because I'm sure we'll have plenty in the coming days. By the way, I saw Janet ask the question, so I figured I'd just update everyone real quick. As some or even most of you know, my company is laying me and several others at my office off in August, so I've been going through the time consuming task of updating my resume/portfolio and conducting a job search to keep us from being paycheck-less. Well, I was contacted early last week by a company that is need of an Art Director for their business, which is POP/POS (point of purchase / point of sale). I was told that Home Depot was a big client of theirs, but really don't have any other information despite numerous online searches. Anyways, this coming Friday I will have a sit down interview with the VP and other staff to see if I may be a fit for them. Considering they found me and contacted me, I'm hopeful that this may be a great opportunity to transition into when the layoff occurs in a few weeks. If you wouldn't mind, keep me in your thoughts and prayers because I'd really love to find an opportunity that doesn't require us to move or me to work away from Atlanta (since Jill refuses to move again. ha!)

Alright, it's 12:11am. Time to call it a night. Goodnight!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

6 Months

Today has come and gone, and we're close to wrapping things up and calling it a night. Before we do, though, we wanted to just post a quick blog since today Abigail turned 6 months old. That's right, folks, our beautiful baby girl has reached that 6 month mark already. Now we didn't have a big celebration or even sit her down in front of a half cake (as some parents are beginning to do), but we did shower her with plenty of kisses and hugs today. It's just amazing to see our little girl growing up in front of us. Yes I'm aware that there's so much more ahead in the coming months and years, but we're trying our best to enjoy all the subtle changes she's going through day after day right now.

For me, recalling that Dec 20th is actually hard to do. I know in a way it seems like the past 6 months have flown by, but it also seems like that was ages ago. I guess the way the events from that day sit in my mind is...anticipation to overwhelming fear to uncontrollable joy. By later that evening we were able to finally meet little Miss Abigail and the rest is of course history.

So here's a two slideshows. One is a collection of just a few of the plethora of photos we have taken over the last 6 months, while the other slideshow will help us all remember that December 20th night. Enjoy!

And this blog wouldn't be complete without another video of Abby. She was in her Jumperoo again, so Jill picked up the camera. Watch for those gummy smiles! :-)

Run-a-Roo 06-20-09 from Jill Barnes on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Post by Daddy

As the readers of the blog may have noticed, I have been somewhat absent from the daily blogging. Usually because I work all day, and then come home in the afternoons to my girls. While I'm busy cooking and playing with Miss Abigail, Jill is the one catching up on things, or taking video and blogging about whats going on with us. And I'm glad cause this blog would barely be updated if it was on my schedule. So, here it is 11:15pm and Abby is finally in bed (but still fighting her sleep time), and I wanted to share two cute videos that I took with Abby yesterday and today. She really cracks me up, and has such a happy nature about her that you just can't help but love. And ever since she's began getting closer to that 6 month mark, I've had to really shake my head in disbelief in how many changes she has went through. Anyways, I've put together some slideshows and videos that I've taken recently of Abby that I thought all of you in blog-land would love to see. Enjoy!

Yesterday being chatty in her bouncer...

Chatty Abby from Matt Barnes on Vimeo.

This evening doing her funny little scream...

Little Abby Screams from Abigail Barnes on Vimeo.

Abby Webcam Chattin with Nina & Nano...

Abby in her booster seat...

Complete Disgust!

I am completely disgusted! Our bathroom is soooo nasty. No matter what cleaning product I use to clean, nothing is doing the job. There's white 4x4 tile on the walls of the shower and a white tub (it's not one of those new shower/tub all in one combos). This house is around 30yrs old so I don't know when the tile was originally installed. It looks like there has been some grout repair, probably a couple times. Well, there are some cracks and grooves and they are N-A-S-T-Y!

Mom, you might want to sitdown for this, it's so unlike me you might begin to feel woozy. I just finished scrubbing the bathroom, the tile, the tub, the fixtures, the backside of the toilet, the baseboards and grout. I used a Lysol bathroom cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles, a bleach-water mixture and lastly a Publix brand mildew cleaner. Obviously, I didn't use all the cleaners combined together; I used one at a time. I had the bathroom window open, with a fan blowing into the bathroom, and a fan blowing the hallway air into the bedroom. I finished it off with a Mr. Clean mopping. Wouldn't you think it'd be spotless? It's not. It's still completely gross. I must have been in there for at least 30mins (when I started Friends was just starting, and when I finished Seinfeld was on), I even broke a freakin' sweat!

One day Matt's going to arrive home and our bathroom is going to be completely destroyed. The tile chipped off, one nasty tile at a time...the painted-over wall paper removed...the old painted-over cabinet and counter top gone! Well, I wouldn't actually do it because we don't have the money or the time to remodel it right now...but a girl can dream!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One More Week.......

The picture I posted last night is the ice cream bowl attachment to my Kitchen Aid mixer. Janet, did you really know or did you see my Facebook posting?!?

No lie, I purchased the bowl right around the time we got married (since I received the mixer as a birthday gift that year). I've had the bowl 3 years and have never used it! I was disappointed it didn't come with any recipes and never got around to looking one up online. The entire time lived in Nashville it was packed away in the attic because we didn't have enough cabinet space. A couple weeks ago we went to Julie & Shawn's and they had homemade ice cream, and it was pretty yummy so it inspired me to finally give it a shot. I went simple with vanilla, for my first go, and it was quite tasty! We had a little last night and it was more of the consistency of a soft serve, but after being in the freezer overnight has hardened. Megan (neighbor girl) dropped by tonight while we were having dinner. I told her I made some and offered her a spoonful (so I would ruin her dinner), and when I scooped it out it was solid! I'm anxious to try it later tonight when we return from our evening walk.

Abigail slept well in her crib again last night, at least *after* she finally went down around 1AM - my fault, she didn't have a good afternoon nap and took a great evening nap. When I went into her room to wake her up this morning at 9:30, I ran to get the camera.The surprise is she had turned 90 degrees from how I laid her down (her feet should be pointing to the left). Matt said when he left she was still laying normally, so I don't know what transpired between Matt and I checked on her.

Tonight after a small bowl of Happy Bellies Multi-Grain Cereal I decided to see what Abigail thought of bananas. Of course I took video, you can see for yourself what she thought of the smashed banana.

I completely forgot to mention the One More Week reference! (Maybe it's because Megan, neighbor girl, is here watching WipeOut with us and is shouting every time someone wipes out. She is quite distracting and I really wish she would go home...especially since this is her THIRD visit for the day.) In exactly one week from today, it'll be Matt's birthday - turning the big TWO-NINE!

Name That Picture

Can anyone guess?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Recap

After I put Abigail to bed around 10pm last night, she woke about an hour later and I rocked (or should I say 'glided') her back to sleep. Matt and I slept in an Abigail-free room, and Toby regained his rightful spot on my side of the bed. Matt fell right asleep, it seemed...not me. My mind jumped from tangent to tangent and wouldn't rest. It was almost as if I was on edge waiting for Abigail to fuss or wake. I took that restless time to catch up on some much needed blog reading. (I follow a few blogs of friends & family and I don't remember the last time I read!)

I finally went to sleep around 2:30 and she hadn't made a peep the entire time! At 4am on the DOT she woke. I went in and fed her and put her back down. I didn't want to 'rock' her back to sleep because I don't want to get in the habit of doing that every night. If you must wake, then it's business only. I fell back asleep to her talking to the tag on something. (Have we mentioned she LOVES all the tags on all her toys? It's hilarious!) I must have dozed off because at 5am I was startled awake by a loud noise followed by beeping. The monitor was turned off. I had laid the monitor in her crib about a foot and a half above her head. Well, this girl gets what she wants, and had managed to grab the monitor and press the off button. Anyways, I glided her back to sleep and she was good until 9am.

I'm going to start (trying to) put her to bed at 10pm since she's in her room now. This will give Matt and I some Abigail-free time to catch up on stuff once she's down. She fell asleep quickly tonight. I heard a brief cry, but when I went up to check on her she was out cold. I wonder what tonight has in store...

Today we went to the East Cobb Park for a hike with my fellow Marietta Moms group. After the hike the older children played in the playground and I pushed Abigail in a swing. She was very content, and probably a bit confused since we've never done it before, I did get a few smiles out of her. I'm also including a slideshow of pictures, my camera was 'borrowed' by twin girls. They were too cute, loving my PINK phone with Tetris on it and my PINK camera.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Ever Crib Attempt

For some odd reason, when the A/C was out Abigail did not like sleeping all night in her bassinet. She had been sleeping though the night, without issue, since around 4mo. Then the A/C went out. I let her sleep in the big bed with me the night Matt went to SC. Usually in the mornings, when she wakes up in the wee hours (for me - usually anytime between 6am-8am) I'll let her nurse in our bed then we snooze a bit longer together. Even though she'd get some AM snuggle time, it never affected night time until the A/C went out. Every night, she'd wake and want to comfort nurse and not want to be in the bassinet. Now if you remember, the A/C went back on Tuesday and she hasn't reverted back to sleeping through the night...nor wanting to stay in the bassinet the entire night. I was up with her most of Friday night/Saturday morning and Matt was kind enough to let me sleep in even once Abigail woke for good. (He usually wakes up early on Saturdays and Sundays, goes downstairs and plays XBOX. He does turn the monitor on so he can greet us when we 'finally' get up.) Last night I was so tired, Matt cuddled with her so I could get more Zzz's; this left him a little groggy today - but he was still up earlier for XBOX.

We made it to a new church today. The service was decent, but I don't think it's completely what we're looking for. Then we headed down to Newnan to celebrate the June birthdays. Today is Valerie's 26th birthday. Matt will be celebrating the big TWO-NINE on the 24th. And to finish off the month, Sherry's birthday is on the 30th. Gavin may or may not make it to he might be another June birthday! We made our exit from Newnan just as Abigail was falling asleep, so we had a peaceful drive back home. Tonight we tried to catch up on some housework - laundry, dishes, picking-up Abigail's room.

Abigail is currently asleep in her crib, in her room. I'm listening to the nature sounds on the monitor from The Sleep Sheep. I hope Matt and I can get a good night's sleep tonight, that would be wonderful!

Free Blog Poll

I'll wait until tomorrow afternoon, or early evening, to post the results so everyone has plenty of time to vote.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Abs & Tobs Video

As Abigail is getting more active, Toby still isn't sure what to make of her. Somedays he'll tolerate her, like in this video, and he will come over to her and sniff her out. Other days he just keeps his distance. It amusing because as soon as Toby has had enough he just makes his exit. I know Toby loves going for walks, which I'm still trying to get in a routine now that the A/C is back on. I'm curious to see how Toby will continue to interact with Abigail as she becomes more and more mobile.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eating Rice Cereal

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daddy is Getting Brave

Yesterday I attended a research study for baby wipes and Matt hung out with Abigail. It was only for 2hrs from 2:30-4:30, so I knew he could do it. It was a change of pace for both of them, and I got to make $85.

Today when the A/C repair man was finishing up, Matt hung out at the hot house with Abs and Tobs while I ran to Publix for a few items. He said Abigail fell asleep not long after I left, giving him some XBOX time.

I'm not fond of leaving Abigail, but know I should ease into it for both our sakes. Ocassionally, the Marietta Moms group plans some evening activities and I'd like to attend eventually....but there will be plenty of time for Melting Pot Girls Night Out and Sips & Stokes when Abigail gets older.

Sidenote: A/C is up and running. We're not thrilled about paying for part of it, but at least the air is on and it's a done deal. Now onto the house closing on Wednesday.

Sitting Up Video

Abigail has finally decided she'll learn to sit. Early on, when I'd try to practice sitting she would arch her back in order to stand. The bed probably isn't the best surface to learn to sit, but it is the most cushioned for the falls.

Please excuse the static noise on the video, it's due to all the fans in our bedroom. Abigail is only in a diaper because it hadn't fully cooled yet. (Should be fixed today, I wont be holding my breath.)

Monday, June 8, 2009

The heat is......STILL ON

Today is Day 5 of no A/C.

Day 1, Thursday, wasn't too bad because it rained most of the day.
Day 2, overcast all day.
--I couldn't leave the house either day because the contractor, appraiser, A/C guy were supposed to be coming by. Matt was the lucky one, out of town in SC for work, and therefore in a fully air conditioned hotel room.

Saturday was nice too, surprisingly enough. We went to Julie & Shawn's for a cookout and late in the evening I remember getting chills from a cool breeze. Yesterday, Toby was alone with the five fans while we were in Newnan. I can tell we're not getting great sleep since it's not as cool in our bedroom as we usually keep it.

This evening we've been on the phone with the repair guy, the homeowner, the homeowner's Realtor and our Realtor. The homeowner's Realtor is trying to push a bit of blame on us due to a pushed back closing date. We do not accept blame because the homeowner was neglectful in not renewing the home warranty that expired...and we notified him of problem and kept him updated with the continued progression of the problem well before the A/C actually stopped working. The repair man had issues finding a replacement piece because the unit is old. They still wanted us to wait until after the closing on Wednesday to call under the new home warranty, but then where will the financial responsibility lie AND WHEN would we actually have air?

Matt and I are simply annoyed. We haven't been very optimistic or innocent since we had a horrible ordeal with a similar situation in Nash last year, this is not the de ja vu I enjoy experiencing. This entire dilemma can be fixed tomorrow for the oh so cheap price of $1200 and the homeowner has asked for us to pay half. Joy.

I really could go on and on, but I'm too annoyed to continue ranting...and the laptop is heating me up and since there's no A/C to cool me off, I'm going to say farewell to the computer for now.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another long day...

It's a bit after 11pm and Toby is already fast asleep in his bed. Matt, Abigail and I are hanging out on our bed while Abs gets her remaining energy out. She had a late nap on the way back from Piedmont Hospital and we just got home...before I go any further let me start from the beginning.

We began our day with some of the IND crew for breakfast at Marietta Diner. Julie & Shawn live in the ATL area, and their son Desmond is only 3mo behind Abigail. Kristi & Trevor were visiting from Huntsville. Off the top of my head I cannot remember the last time we saw them, so it was nice getting some social time with them last night and today. Here's a picture of Kristi & Trevor with Abs and Des.

We then proceeded down to Newnan for a Baby Shower for Valerie & Justin. Valerie is 35wks today and during all the fun starting contracting. After a while Val was sent to bed and we started timing - 2mins apart lasting at least a min long. Everyone was accounted for due to the shower and once they were steady for an hour and a half we all headed to the hospital. Luckily, for Gavin's sake, it was another false alarm; this one due to a bladder infection. Poor Valerie, I'm sure she's starting to feel like the boy who cried wolf. Gavin will arrive soon enough!

Matt and I have another full week ahead. I think after Wednesday, our lives should slow down for a while (unfortunately, SLOW for us isn't the same as other people's slow). I hope we'll be able to fit in some blogging time, even if it's just some pictures that Matt hasn't yet posted. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yum Yum Cereal

We've been meaning to post these photos for everyone's enjoyment. Our little Miss Abigail got to try cereal for the first time this past Sunday, and we've got the messy-face pictures of her to prove it! :-)