Monday, January 25, 2010

What A Mess

I'm sitting on the couch watching Abigail create a mess. This is not the usual mess of her toys scattered around the living room floor.

I must preface the mess explanation by mentioning that Abigail has been super congested since last Tuesday. Tuesday night and Wednesday, Abigail had a fever on and off most the day. We're unable to tell if she's really sick or all the 'fun' symptoms have to do with teeth 7 and 8 breaking through. Regardless of the cause, it's been a really long week because Abigail has been very irritable and cranky. To amplify it all, she's eating poorly too. Today she ate some yogurt, a little spinach puree, a bit of cinnamon raisin bagel and rejected the chocolate milk I let her try this morning.

So what is this mess? My child is feeding herself applesauce. She wanted the spoon, then the bowl. The applesauce was transferred from an adult bowl to an Abby-proof bowl. She's walking around the living room attempting to feed herself. Thank goodness the big majority of furniture is leather and we have hard wood floors in this room! (If it wasn't, this would never be happening.) Applesauce is on the floor and on the ottoman, and I had to take a moment away from typing to clean applesauce off her shoes (yes, Janet, the pink ones - and they are still fabulous).
To my amazement, when we came back to the living room, Toby decided to lick up most of the applesauce. I must admit Toby is the best at primary clean up. I'll be running the Swiffer through here later, and will wipe down the couch and ottoman in case I missed anything with the tissues.

Now Abigail's actually eating a mozzarella cheese stick. (She prefers mozzarella over the colby.) Oh joy. In my attempt to push my water cup away from Abigail's reach, I managed to spill it on my own lap. Seriously? Please, please ask again why I unable to keep frequent post to this blog!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Talking on the Phone Video

Mommy's Toast

Here's a little bonus (since there was a lack of pictures the last month). I fixed some toast to eat with my coffee. My little moocher received half a slice and took off to her chair. At least Toby is learning not to take food from her. He really was scolded yesterday, so now she's extending some toast to him and he's not too interested. Abigail walked over to me, leaned her head lovingly on my leg, lost her footing and ended up on the floor...never losing her grip, in either hand, of her toast. Here's another pic of the 'kids', it's not easy getting them together (forget getting them to both look at the camera!). I must admit she looks super cute lounging on Toby's couch.
I forgot two randoms yesterday. 1. Abigail will stand up while in her stroller, or on the couch. The positive is when I tell/ask her to SIT, she will do so. 2. Just about any/every music will get Abigail dancing. She's recently started this excited dance where she almost looks likes she's running in place (and "I'm a maniac, maniac on the flooooor" starts in my head).

Lastly I must mention, as I try to finish up this quick little blog... Abs brings her sippy cup over to me and puts the cup on the table. She might turn away, walk a few steps or just give herself a little applause then will get the sippy cup again. I looked over to her during an applause and said 'yea' and she squealed! She's so cute!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Last Few Weeks

Here's my best attempt of a recap of the last few weeks. We haven't done a great job with photos so use your imagination. =) Matt still needs to work on Barnes Christmas pictures and we'll be uploading the rest of the bath time pics to Snapfish soon.

3rd: We returned home from our two week Christmas trip to Tampa. We enjoyed our time away, as we always do, but had to get back to the normal routine at home. Home is even different as Abigail has become more and more of a pro at walking. Matt and I even discussed how much Abigail had seemed to 'grow up' while we were in Tampa.

5th: I took Abigail to her first Storytime at Barnes & Noble. The Story Teller read Here Comes Jack Frost and was very animated. Abigail sat on my lap and snacked on a cheese stick and crackers (to keep her quite).

6th: We dined with friends, The Cooks, at Scalini's for my free birthday dinner. It was a low key day, just the way I wanted it.

7th: I sliced Abs a banana for a snack and could not believe she almost ate the entire thing! She would come over when she wanted a piece, then go play, then return for another piece. She also started pushing up on her tip toes and saying UP.
8th: Matt ended up staying home from work because of the cold weather conditions. It had snowed a bit on the 7th and more during the night, basically, the city was in shut down mode. There were a ton of accidents and problems since the city and counties don't deal with snow often and weren't prepared. It was nice to have Matt home, he was able to get some daddy-daughter time while I used that opportunity to be productive around the house.
9th-12th: I worked four lloonngg days at America's Mart. While the pay was good, I missed Abigail lots and lots. Another reminder of how much I enjoy being a stay at home mom, and what a blessing it is to be 'at home' with her. My Mom & Abuela drove up to help with Abigail during these days and brought all the extra Christmas goodies that didn't fit in the Jetta on our return trip.

13th: Abigail and I met some friends at a local indoor playground. It got everyone out of the house since the cold weather had kept us in for almost a week! Moms chatted while the kiddos played. Abigail continues to surprise me with what she can actually do (i.e. what she can climb on!). That evening Abs and I went to visit Matt at work. While he hasn't been working late nights this month (YEA!), I did get him in pizza taste testing that paid $100! After work, Matt was to spend an hour Wednesday and Thursday eating some pizza so Abs was able to get some daddy time in, and daddy was able to show off his daughter to his co-workers.

14th: Abigail's 12mo Pediatrician Appointment. Weight 15lbs 15oz and Measured 28.5in. The Pedi was concerned with her size at her 9mo appt so I took my baby book to this appointment. Abigail has been following my growth so close at each appt, Dr Clements plotted my growth and realized Abigail is following MY curve (at 12mo I was 15lbs 12oz and 28.5in). This child eats and eats, but it looks like genetics will win out. Abigail is just going to be petite like her Mommy and Nina.

15th: We tried to attend a Chuck E Cheese playdate with our MOPS group. Not paying attention, I went to the wrong location! We stayed for almost 45mins and Abigail enjoyed soaking everything in....lots of bright colors and noises. She did enjoy climbing (with some help) on and off some of the toddler rides but did not like it when they moved! At night, while prepping for Saturday's brunch, I tried showing Abigail she could feed herself by helping her guide the spoon into her mouth. What a BAD idea this was! It probably took her an hour to eat the chicken, peas, carrots and pasta from the chicken noodle soup because she insisted on feeding herself with her spoon! (Luckily, this didn't seem to carry over to following days.)

16th: After hosting our first Brunch Potluck with some friends we ventured down to LaGrange to finally exchange Christmas gifts with Nana, Papa, Aunt Val, Uncle J and cousin Gavin. With Matt's grandfather in the hospital then Gavin & Justin getting sick, our Christmas was postponed. Christmas with Abigail and Gavin was lots of fun!

18th: Spied a seventh tooth starting to come through, this one to the left of Abigail's bottom teeth. I guess the teeth are going to be popping through more and more. Her top incisors had started down on December 22nd, her gummy smile is slowly filling in.
19th: Attended our second Storytime at Barnes and Noble. A few more friends joined us this time, there was a good crowd. Some of the kids weren't staying seated, so I had a more difficult time keeping Abigail seated. I hope she'll enjoy these outings as we attend more in the future.

20th: Was not fabulous... Abigail woke a lot throughout the night because of a runny nose turning more congested. Then as Matt tried to leave for work he spotted a pond in our front yard! Long story short, there is a busted pipe with the sprinkler system and a plumber helped Matt locate the shut off valve so while the house has water, the sprinkler system does not. This resolution took all day so when Matt wasn't out in the yard playing in mud, he was attempting to help me with our pitiful daughter. She had fever on and off throughout the day and got so sad when she had a little coughing fit (Matt's had this same coughing fit for days).

January Randoms...
-Abs played with my cell one day and took a ton of pictures with the camera phone. I forgot all about it until I was prompted by my phone that I was running out of space; she had taken 8 pictures of nothing.
-The sign language continues. It's super cute when Abigail signs 'please' because I know she still doesn't understand what it means. She'll also use 'cookie' but not consistently.
-Cheese, Shoes, Hot and Up are words Abigail says...I know there are more but I cannot think of them at this moment. She can also point out your nose, eye and belly button. It's funny to watch
-Abs can pick out her rubber duck out of the basket of bath toys when I ask her "Where's your duck?".
-While I know Abs eats lots of yogurt and cheese, she's not interested in milk (even if I water it down). She drank water easily from sippy cups but wants nothing to do with milk. Occasionally, I can get her to drink from my cup, but not often. We're still working on this.
-Not really sure how it started, but if Abigail gets food on her fingers or hand she will extend it to me so I can wipe it off.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Daughter, My Blessing

It's so hard to believe Abigail is over a year old. Each and every day has been wonderful because I get to spend my days (and some nights) with my daughter. I've been looking over a lot of pictures from the last year lately, and cannot believe how much our girl has changed and grown. She's still a little peanut, and we'll find her one year stats next week.

Neither Matt nor I have ever wanted to jump pass any 'stage' because we knew each was a stepping stone to the next. If we spent our time saying 'I can't wait until...' then we'd completely miss out on the special moments of that day. Somehow, even though we haven't wanted to speed through the days, it happened anyway. Here we are with this amazing child who brings such joy and happiness to my life, our lives, everyday.

I cannot even count how many times a day I thank God for Abigail. I can only hope you love and appreciate your child(ren) (past, present or future child(ren)) as we love and appreciate our daughter and pray God will continue to bless our daughter as He has blessed us with her.