Sunday, July 26, 2015

Abigail's Kindergarten Year

Abigail was adorable and so excited on her first day of Kindergarten. As a special treat, we visited our local library branch and got her her very own library card. She has enjoyed visiting and selecting new books, and we have enjoyed the variety of reading outside of Pinkalicious and Fancy Nancy which are two of her favorite book series.
Since the school was in our neighborhood, I took advantage of nice weather days and would go for a run before picking up Abigail from school. Isabel would often fall asleep riding in the BOB and I usually got 3mi of training in before the mile walk back home. I would bring Abigail's Razor Scooter and she loved riding it home. How she always had so much energy after 8hrs of school is beyond my comprehension.
Abigail was introduced to Pete the Cat and Splat the Cat books. These selections added a little non-girly variety to our bedtime reading. We were introduced to the joys of The Book Fair this year too. I think I enjoyed it more than Abigail because most books that you can only buy as hardcover were offered as paperback at the book fair for what seemed to be way too highly discounted for a school fundraiser. Let's just say I stocked up in the Fall for Christmas gifts.
Field Trip to a Nature Center to learn about senses in the Fall.
Confidence grew throughout the year and Abs started reading books to Isabel.
In January Abigail was awarded the Certificate of Citizenship.
It seemed like each week had a new topic or theme. On our way home from school I would always ask, "So, what did you learn about today?". I would get a variety of answers from "I don't remember" to overly specific details. Most of the time she couldn't remember everything and it would turn into a guessing game. Some themes were simple and not new or overly fascinating like underwater creatures, plants and planets. In January, she learned about Martin Luther King, Jr ("the man who is dead but can we make him a birthday cake?"). She learned about Washington DC and the presidents. Abigail could never remember the name of any presidents but she remembered"the man with the crazy white hair", "the one with the big black hat" and "the rock obama". She absolutely loved that The White House had different color rooms. She also was very fascinated with some of the details she learned about bugs and had a song about the different body parts of ants.
Field Trip to Legoland
Mother's Day Artwork
Pippi Longstocking was the start of our chapter book reading.  I might be enjoying these books more than Abigail since  we are reading books that are new to me as well.

First Grade Let's Go Song

Kindergarten Awards

Abigigail with her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs Joseph

While there were plenty of painful homework afternoons that seemed to drag on (for both of us!), her Kindergarten year finished just as quick as it started. Abigail had a wonderful year making new friends and learning new things. I know she's anxious to begin First Grade.

For me? I am completely baffled at how much she has seemed to grow and change from August to May. Her personality radiates like her smile. She can be so outgoing and enthusiastic then turn inward and shy. She is independent and helpful and can wear her emotions on her sleeves when her feelings are hurt. I am looking forward to this next year for her. She will be starting at a new school, for a third straight year, and she will become a big sister again around the same time. While sentimental and teary-eyed at the thought of how fast this next year will fly, I am excited to see how this amazing girl will continue blossoming into a smart and beautiful young lady.