Monday, August 19, 2013

INKnBURN Running Shorts Review

As I have mentioned many times on this blog, I started my running journey June 2012 with Couch to 5K. I had to build a running wardrobe mostly from scratch. As the weeks progressed through C25K, I realized the workout clothes that I was wearing to the gym for different group fitness classes wasn't as comfortable while "running". (Insert a laugh here, my pace was slow and I ran intervals so I never claimed to be "a runner".) For the sake of not doing laundry daily, I was more concerned with quantity. Most of my running wardrobe consisted of items I found on sale with a combined coupon from Kohl's. I acquired a variety of brands and I was learning what was comfortable, wicked sweat best, didn't cause chaffing, etc. Part of my hesitation in not wanting to spend too much money was because of my track record; me and exercise have never been consistent. 

I was originally introduced to INKnBURN through social media late in 2012. I know I lusted over the beautiful designs numerous times online but was always deterred because of the pricetag. One of my #CorralG friends from 2013 WDW Marathon Weekend, Linzie Starr was/is always raving about his love for INKnBURN. After reading so many positive reviews, and Linzie sharing a discount code with me (I still like being "thrifty"), I finally decided to give it a try for myself. My first purchase was the Dragonfly Shorts (pictured above). I was surprised when I got the shorts in hand, the fabric felt like no other items in my wardrobe. 

Here's what INKnBURN has to say:
"INKnBURN's Women's Running Shorts are designed to be light and fast. The moisture-wicking fabric we use for the body of the shorts is ultra light with a subtle texture to it. It also has stretch so these shorts give when you need them to. The waistband is soft but also strong and stretchy. No muffin tops with these babies! You can keep it up for extra tummy support or, roll it down to reveal a complimentary design in the inner lining for a low-cut look."  

I absolutely love the waistband option! I am a petite 5'1" and so many waistbands do not hit me where I would like. I also had a c-section in December 2009 and am self-conscious about my mid-section, as many women are, so I wear the waistband up for the extra support. The shorts also have undies built-in and two pockets, big enough for a gel or two in each. When it got to the point where I was washing my Dragonfly Shorts every other day, I knew I needed a few more! A rare discount code was advertised around Forth of July, I jumped!
Purple Run or Die, Pink Ribbon, Leaf'em in the Dust, Demin
INKnBURN's Women's Running Shorts truly are high-performance running shorts! I consistently set personal best times when I race in my INKnBURN shorts. Okay, some of this is due to my continued training as I'm still improving, but when you feel good, you do preform better. I never fidgit with my InB shorts, they don't ride up when I run. I have even raced in the rain, my shorts were dry in no time (unlike the rest of me). Ladylike or not, I sweat or sparkle, or whatever you'd like to call it. I'm not sure if I should compliment the quality of the fabric or the prints, or the combination of the two, but I am thrilled that after a training run or race I do not look like I have dumped water all over myself...or just poured water on myself in awkward place, if you catch what I'm saying.
I must say, it's also pretty fun showing up to an event and NOT blending in with the latest and greatest color schemes released by Nike or Under Armour. Sometimes it's so obvious everyone went shopping that same week, that I think I missed a memo! The INKnBURN designs are beautiful art. 

"Don't disappear into to the crowd...Distance yourself with INKnBURN and the Art of Running." 

Now ladies, do check the size chart and take your measurements before placing your order! The women's running shorts are available from a size 0 to 14. Every company has different measurements, but I ordered based on my measurements and my fit is exact! I recently used the same sizing chart to order my first INKnBURN camisoles, and loved racing in them over the weekend!

Yes, above I did say "before placing your order!" because I know you have now checked out all 19 options of INKnBURN Women's Running Shorts. I know you have a favorite print! Some of my original concerns I listed above might still be circling through your head, well take my 15%off code "jilltoldme" and try out a piece of the INKnBURN aparel for yourself! (You will need to create an account to use my code, but this will also earn you $10 towards your second purchase. Trust me, there will be a second purchase!)

If you still need a some convincing, see what other INKnBURN products my fellow Ambassadors reviewed by clicking the individual links below.


-What will be your first/next purchase?
-Do you have a favorite design in the INKnBURN line?

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I liked this review about INKnBURN running shorts. It is such a nicely explained and unbiased review. I also would like to start working out soon and would be buying carbon 38 workout clothes. I am sure that my experience with this brand would be great.