Monday, August 30, 2010

New Carseat

A few weeks back, we officially retired the Chicco Key Fit Infant Carrier. While Abs is still within the weight limits, she's long and it doesn't look very comfortable. Although she still wasn't/isn't 20lbs, we had switched the Britax Marathon in Matt's car forward facing during our May trip from Tampa back to Atlanta. Once the infant carrier was retired, it didn't take long for us to realize how much we missed having two carseats. Our second Marathon arrived and Abigail couldn't wait to climb in....and daddy had fun climbing into the box!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Six Flags

Spent the day at Six Flags. Abigail and Gavin looked so cute in the double stroller together! (Huge thanks to my friend Jennifer for letting me borrow it!)
They kept staring at the roller-coasters as they zoomed by. The 'big kids' got to ride some of the roller-coasters too. We all rode the train, Abigail loves trains.
I was very disappointed Abigail and Gavin weren't allowed to ride the kid rides. We rode them with Abigail on our last trip, but the employee wasn't allowing it today. Even though she didn't get to ride some rides, Abigail was exhausted at the end and passed out.
We all went out for pizza as an early celebration of Donnie's birthday. Then we came back to the house for some cake and ice cream.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scalini's with The Hoffman's

We LOVE Scalini's! Met up with our friends, The Hoffman's, for some yummy Italian. While waiting, Abigail had fun with the giant mixer in the foyer of the restaurant.

She had kept saying "No Shawn" every time I asked if she wanted to go to him. It was cute, but a little sad. It took Abigail ALL dinner to finally warm up to him!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy 1st Victoria!

We headed back to Birmingham to celebrate Victoria Brown's First Birthday!

Victoria is the daughter of our friends Garret & Danitza; we hung out with them TONS when we lived there! We've been able to spend a few weekends with them here and there since we moved away, but this was an extra special celebration we didn't want to miss.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mrs. Potato Fan?

This little fan is in Abigail's room to give her some white noise. It has helped to cancel out other noises, like if Toby barks downstairs or the doorbell rings (also causing Toby to bark) or if some jets from the Dobbins Airforce Base try to ruin my kid's nap.

Recently, Abigail has decided to put the features from her Mrs Potato Head into the fan. Very creative, I must admit, but we don't want her to play with the fan. It almost seems that the more we try to keep her away or scold her, the more she's interested.

Abigail can also turn the night light on and off. She even tried to do it with her toes, like Mommy.

In this next picture, she was playing with her belly button while saying 'belly button'. She says it soooo cute! Did you notice her pink glitter shoes?

Bumps, Bruises and a Busted Lip

Little Crashette continues her full blast speed throughout the days. She forgets her age and size and is determined to do what she is physically unable.

The first time I can remember was on Easter Sunday, Abigail was walking too fast and scraped up her knee a bit. As the Spring & Summer weather continued, her little knees have continuously stayed scuffed. She has tripped numerous times on our driveway, chasing after me while I get the mail; regardless of me reminding her to be careful and walk.

After we returned home on Monday from Tampa, we headed to a playdate on Tuesday. We left the playdate with a small scratch on her cheek bone (below her right eye) and another on her forehead. I'm sure this was due to a "flying" toy of some sort while playing with the other children. In the evening, the raised area around the scratch went down but a light bruise began to show itself.

Last night as Abigail was eating Cheerios out of Matt's hand, she managed to scrape her gum on a not round Cheerio causing it to bleed slightly.

This morning she was standing next to me on the couch and put her head back, right into the metal hook for the window curtains! And I noticed a little bruise on her right shin; I have no idea where that came from.

Today was the worst, self-inflicted injury to date. Not only did she trip on the sidewalk as we walked into KangaZoom but then she stepped onto a ledge at McDonald's lost her balance and now has a busted lip. It's on her left side on the bottom and is still a little swollen. It bled, and I even saw some blood in her mouth (possibly re-injuring the spot from last night's Cheerio incident?).

I hope we're done with Crashette for a few days, let these current boo boos heal before more present themselves.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Celebrating Kevin & Sarah

Kevin's mom and my dad are first cousins, the Henriquez side of my big family. Back in May, while at my dad's Tampa Dragon Boat Race, Kevin and Sarah surprised us with news that not only had they went to Vegas to get married back in February but they were also now expecting a baby boy in September. In usual family fashion, a bash was held to celebrate the newly weds and the upcoming birth of their son Elliot Parker.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

She's A Cutie

There are so many things Abigail can do or surprise me by doing each day. In the brief moment, I don't write down these moments and hours then days go by and I've completely forgotten. Here are a few things from today.

1. I call them "Nina's Pretties" and today Abigail picked one up, I started to scold her (which I've done a few times since Saturday) until I realize she was trying to give the little girl a drink from her sippy cup.

2. Abigail received a little Spam pig (like a stress reliever ball) from my Uncle Steve & Aunt Joanna, a souvenir from their tour of the Spam Museum. I handed it to her while in the car and she pointed and said 'glasses'. She knows what glasses are and has been able to say it by name for a while now, but for some reason it surprised me and made me smile.

3. She's really going to like thrill rides when she's tall enough to ride them. Daddy likes to throw her up in the air and spin her around. (Think Ring-Around-The-Rosey but so fast that Abigail's feet lift off the ground.) I'm not sure what she likes more, the spinning or feeling dizzy afterwards.

4. I don't remember what she/we were doing at the exact time, but our faces were close. Abigail put her nose against mine and gave me spontaneous Eskimo kisses!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cousins at the Pool

Abigail and I spent the morning at Alyssa's pool swimming with Marisa, Melina, Aunt Sharon and my mom. Abigail had lots of fun swimming with Melina!

All cozied up after swimming...

Holding hands, I love it!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


My mom has a few of my childhood dolls and Abigail enjoys playing with them when we visit. This is Beatrice, one of my 'well loved' Cabbage Patch dolls.