Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Run Hood to Coast with NUUN

A week ago I saw NUUN tweet they are accepting applications from "Lady Running Bloggers" to fill two relay teams to run The 32nd Annual Hood to Coast Relay. I immediately looked up the link to read more about all the details. The gears started turning in my head...
I have heard of The Ragnar Relay Series. Some runDisney enthusiasts I follow on Twitter have formed a team to run in the northeast. While each person runs alone, you are part of a team so there's individual and team success. I really enjoy running with others, you get encouragement and get to encourage. I know this is something I would like to do at some point, but probably in the Florida Keys where it's the most flat location of all the Ragnar events. I'm not sure when a Ragnar Relay might happen for me so when I read the NUUN tweet I was intrigued. 

Immediately I recommended my friend Lena apply, she lives on the west coast. I "met" Lena on Twitter and started following her blog, The Beginners Runner, and so much of her running journey reminded me of my own. She had been training (properly, unlike myself) for her first half marathon. Lena was training for The Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World and I was going to be running that race too. And it turns out, we ended up running the race together too!
According to the Nuun blog post, in order to apply, one must meet these five criteria...

  1. Have not run Hood to Coast with Nuun in the past
  2. Are female
  3. Have an active blog
  4. Love Nuun
  5. Are really fun!
I have only run in Georgia and Florida, so nope I have not run Hood to Coast, let alone with Nuun in the past. I am female, check. I have a blog, it's almost 5yrs old...I'm not sure about that "active" part as I would like to blog so much more than I do. Other priorities arise but I have been slowly trying to go back and blog about things and details I know I will forget over time. Yes, I love Nuun, check. I actually felt like some sort of Nuun pusher when trying to introduce it to my Auburn friends who came down to run The Princess Half Marathon. And lastly, I think I'm really fun...I hope others think I'm fun too. :)

A few days passed after I recommended Lena apply and I was still thinking about the possibility of NUUN Hood to Coast. I decided to throw caution out the window and apply. I wasn't really sure what to say or how to make myself stand out. Instead, I decided to make a slideshow of sorts reviewing my running journey over the last 9mo and why I'd like to participate. I am very happy with the end result of my application. 

Applications will be accepted through midnight of April 5th and teams will be announced on April 17th. I have no idea how many women actually apply or what might chances might be to actually get selected. Either way, I'm proud of myself for even applying and I am happy others are getting see how my running experience started when they view my video. 

-Have you ever run a relay race before? Does this type of event even seem appealing to you?
-Have you ever thrown caution out the window to apply for something? What was the result?

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Carrie said...

Great application and Good Luck! I also applied and can't wait to see who makes the team! Hopefully there will be a few runDisney fans!