Sunday, April 7, 2013

Braves Sweep the Cubs

We attended the Braves game this afternoon for their last game against the Chicago Cubs. While we have attended games at Turner Field the last two summers, we have never attended a game this early into the season (the season opener was on April 1st). I had purchased our tickets using a deal site, Goldstar, and we got $16 tickets for Club Level. A great price fro great seats!

Abigail was super excited to go to the baseball game because I had told her she could have popcorn. She even tried to refuse breakfast before church too, she wanted to save room for the popcorn.
Not long into the game, Abigail stated "I see someone has a silly face on!". I looked around and saw this extravagant Braves fan with his face fully painted in red and white, with Indian headdress AND a Napa flag (not sure where the flag plays into the #1 Braves fan attempt, but okay.). As always, Abigail is very observant!
After Abigail had enough popcorn, her and I headed off to search the Club Level for a foam tomahawk. She thought the giant foam finger was cool but wouldn't let me take her picture with it. The tomahawk seemed to be most helpful to shield Abigail's sensitive ears from all the cheering when the Braves got on base or an RBI.
When we were searching for the tomahawk Abigail described to me "the thing with the white stuff on top". Her little memory always amazes me! This little girl remembered us splitting a funnel cake from our last Braves game back in June 2012. Abigail then spotted a guy selling bags of cotton candy, she wanted that too. I had to explain she had to choose a funnel cake or cotton candy. Thank goodness she decided on the cotton candy because I could not have resisted a few bites of funnel cake. Abigail was sweet enough to share some with her daddy instead.
One of the perks to this Sunday afternoon is kids can run the bases after the game. Abigail ended up running out of steam during the bottom of the 7th inning. She snuggled with me, saying she just wanted to rest but soon enough she was passed out! Even though today was my rest day, I carried all 30lbs of her through the stadium and almost to the car. ;)
After the game Matt dropped me off at our church so I could drive the Jetta and pick up Brewer on the way home. Our sweet friends had Brewer over for a puppy playdate so we didn't have to leave him in the crate for 6+ hours today. He must have played lots and lots with Maxine, because all he's done since coming home is snooze! Both Matt and I agree we need to let him have playdates more often, he's so much sweeter when he doesn't want to take all his crazy, puppy energy out on us!
When I arrived home, Matt showed me the last picture he took of Abigail. She rode with him in the Clubman while I went to get Brewer. From the picture, you can decide from yourself, is she completely terrified or does she love riding in daddy's new car!?!

Overall, it was a great day! Matt was extra happy because the Braves swept the Cubs in this series. We look forward to attending a few more games this summer!

-Do you follow baseball? Do you ever attend games?
-What is your "favorite" baseball team, if you have one?


"Nina" said...

Go Rays (even though they lost horribly today)!

Split decision on Abigail's photo from Nano & me...guess who thinks she loved it?

Looks like all of you had 'ball' today!

We vote for lots of puppy play dates for Brewer too, lol!

Jen C said...

Fun! I'm chomping at the bit to get to the Ted! Glad you guys had a great day!

Emma Jemma said...

You know I was a Red Sox fan long before I was an auburn fan :-)

This makes me want beer and hot dogs!!

Tracie jackson said...

Looks like fun!

Tabitha said...

Your daughter is so adorable.

I love baseball. I am an Astros fan, but I also am a fan of whatever team Lance Berkman is playing for... so this season it is the Rangers... who I normally cheer against. lol.

AuburnGirl said...

I am a BIG Braves fan. I have loved ever since I can remember. I even remember my first game at Fulton County Stadium. Anyways, I am going to be attending some games this season just not sure which ones.

Also, the NAPA flag is something they handed out a few years ago. I had a blue one. Not sure what ever happened to it... hmm.. lol

I am glad you guys had fun!! :)

Anonymous said...

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