Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Disney Dads

I want to give a shout out to the Disney Dads in Abigail's life. I've always said the love of Disney must be genetic. Abigail's love for all things Disney has spread to sharing our Disney Park experiences with all the wonderful "dads" in her life.

When Matt and I were first dating, many years ago, he told me he went to Disney when he was 6yo and didn't plan to return until he had kids that were 6. I decided I wanted to go for my 21st birthday, it was freezing cold that January but we had fun. Fast-forward and we took Abigail to Magic Kingdom for the first time in May 2010. Our love (mine and Abigail's) for Disney days has eventually rubbed off on Matt. He now loves visiting as much as we do!
Rainy Magic Kingdom Day, May 2012
My parents usually join us for our Disney days since they live in Florida. My dad, Abigail calls him "Nano", is always so willing to wait with us in line for all the character meet and greets.
Abigail has always loved meeting with characters, May 2010
My in-laws are here in Georgia like us, so a much longer drive and a much higher price for park tickets. Abigail worn down Matt's parents, Abigail calls them "Nana" and "Papa". They enjoyed visiting Disney with Abigail so much they upgraded their tickets to a 10 Day no expiration pass!
Donald's are #1, March 2012
Abigail's GodFather, Stephen, has also come to Disney with us. While the parks are easy to enjoy as adults, it's even more enjoyable to see it through the eyes of children. Stephen also joined Matt, Abigail and myself or The Royal Family 5K this past February.
Happy 3rd Birthday Abigail, December 2011
I hope Abigail's uncles (and aunts and cousins) will eventually join us for some Disney days too! It's always fun creating more Disney memories with family and friends!


"Nina" said...

What a sweet Father's Day tribute! Tio hasn't made it to the park with her, but he did ride the kiddie train with her in Downtown Disney when Tia was expecting William. That should have counted for an 'honorable mention'!

Lena said...

Loved this post and a highlight to all the "Disney Dads". My dad loves Disney too and is always bummed when we go without him, too cute.

Deb @ Focused on the Magic said...

What a great tribute to the Disney Dads in your life!
Thanks so much for sharing and for joining in the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop fun

James @ Home is Where the Mouse is said...

Great pics!! Happy Fathers Day to all the Disney Dads!