Monday, March 10, 2014

Pregnant: Week 27

I had to pull up a chart to figure out exactly what pregnancy week I am on. To be quite honest, after 24 weeks I keep forgetting. Today is the beginning of my third trimester. What? Already? This pregnancy is really going fast. It still feels very surreal at times.
Weight gain: My last appointment was on February 27th; I had gained SIX pounds in the last 4wks. That scares me because I had such a hard time losing the 50+lbs I gained when I was pregnant with Abigail. I think I have gained 30lbs this pregnancy, but it's a guess since I didn't weigh myself regularly before I found out we were pregnant.
Maternity clothes: There practically isn't much option in this department, I feel huge. Depending on my shirts, some are maternity and some are not. Well, the tops that are not are my work shirts and I can get away with them being shorter than I'd like since they are covered by an apron anyway. All my pants and are maternity, except my INKnBURN shorts and capri pants (thanks to the amazing waistband design and fabric!). I really have enjoyed the more fitted option of maternity jeans in comparison to 5yrs ago, I feel way less frumpy. In January, I invested in maternity bras and even though I was sized properly, I outgrew them within a couple weeks. 
Stretch marks: I haven't noticed any new stretch marks. I am putting lotion on my belly at least twice a day, in hopes of no new stretch marks.
Sleep: I am sleeping fairly well, with all things considered. I do have to be asleep early most nights as I am usually scheduled to arrive at work anywhere from 4:45am to 6:30am. I enjoy reviewing my FitBit sleep recap to see how many bathroom visits occurred or how much I may have tossed and turned.
Best moment of lately: 1) At my appointment on February 27th, I had my gestational diabetes screening and they called the next day telling me I passed! I failed my one hour screening with Abigail so I was nervous going into this one. 2) The MOPS Consignment Sale was last week. Bean now has a swing, a bouncer seat and some clothes. 
Miss anything: When I got home from the consignment sale on Friday, I was spent. I really wanted a glass of wine. Honestly, if I wasn't opening an entire bottle just for one glass, I would have but I didn't want to waste the rest.
Movement: Bean is very active. I don't know what this baby is doing, but I'll feel a bump on opposite sides right after each other. O
Food cravings: None. I really haven't craved anything, other than just being very hungry at times. Throughout my second trimester.
Anything making you queasy or sick: None that I can think of. 
Have you started to show yet: So much so that everyone is making gender predictions on the shape of my bump.
Gender: Either a boy or a girl! It's funny, I had three girl dreams before we found out Abigail's gender (at 18wks). I haven't had any dreams for Bean. I have had a very similar pregnancy so that could mean Bean is another girl OR that it's just how my body handles pregnancy. With that said, Matt and I have not discussed names either!
Labor signs: Braxton Hicks contractions started at 18wks, just like they did with Abigail's pregnancy. This time around, my Braxton Hicks are more intense than I remembered. Turns out they get more intense each pregnancy.
Belly button in or out: Neither. It's definitely not ideal, whatever it is. I guess I'm just glad it's not out.
Wedding rings on or off: Most of the time they are off. I do not like to wear my engagement band to work or to run, so that's been my new normal for quite a while. Recently my wedding band has been irritating my skin a bit, I hope this is due to the extended winter and nothing more.
Heartburn: I have occasional heartburn but believe I have narrowed it down to milk products (yogurt) and tea. I have loved the Teavana selection we're serving at Starbucks, but is usually ends very uncomfortably. I feel like I'm consuming way less Tums Smoothies this time around. 
Swelling: So far so good. I remember being so uncomfortable with Abigail in my third trimester, but I don't remember when it started. Hoping for no swelling in my feet and legs this time around!
Looking forward to: My next appointment is March 20th, then I'll start going in every two weeks (CRAZY!). Then at the end of the month we'll be visiting family in Florida during Abigail's Spring Break. This will be our last visit before Bean and we'll be celebrating our nephew's 2nd birthday!
So, do you have any gender predictions?


Ashley Shorter said...

Love reading your update. So excited for you! I predict a boy!

Janet said...

A blog update?! No way! And the best one at that! I'm so happy that this pregnancy seems to be going smoothly for you and that you are already getting so close! My SiL just had a baby on Monday (9 lbs!) and it was a boy (they were keeping it a surprise too). I'm not sure what yours is, but I'm going to guess girl because this pregnancy seems to be similar to Abigail. I would love to see you when you are in town next!