Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun

Last Monday when we got back into town my Mom helped put out our Halloween decorations. Abigail and Mommy got a little silly with wigs and Daddy pretended Abigail was a witch flying on a broom.Abigail dressed up with her Cowgirl Hat and Boots, I cannot believe they almost do not fit!
Friday, we went to a Halloween Party with my friends here in Marietta. We dressed up as Fred, Wilma and Pebbles - it was a lot of fun! I was very shocked/bummed that none of the kids actually knew who we were dressed as.On Saturday, we hung out with The Cooks so the girls (and parents) could play together.


Zach said...

we wore that exact Flintstone outfit a few years ago. Fun!

Kristi said...

kids don't know who the Flintstones are!? and middle school kids say nin is old school rock. I swear, if we ever have kids we're gonna have to purchase all the wholesome stuff we watched as kids as a substitute to what is on these days...oh gawd when did I get old?
Cosby show, garfield, gijoe, full house...