Monday, November 9, 2009

a Tiger Homecoming

We stretched this past weekend to a full 3-days and two of those were spent mostly in Auburn since it was homecoming weekend. On Friday I attended Design Interaction, a student-alumni one-day event, which is hosted by the Industrial Design Dept. It was great catching up with some of my professors and meeting some of future Industrial Designers.

On Saturday, we headed back to Auburn for the homecoming football game against the poor little Palladins of Furman. As typical for homecoming games, Auburn picks a weakling that is willing to come down to the Plains and take a brutal whipping in exchange for a big paycheck. This was our 2nd game of the season and Abigail's attendence went much as it did earlier in the year when we traveled down for a night game...short. This time it wasn't rain that had her running for cover with Momma. Instead we were battling a hotter than expected sunny afternoon that had our little one all flushed. To prevent any sunburn, Jill took Abby into the shade while I stayed in the stands with Emily and Z, who had joined us at the game. We did eventually leave (early in the 3rd qtr), but Auburn finished off Furman with a convincing 62-31 victory.

After the game we headed to Buffalo Connection for dinner with Emily & Z and some of their friends, but we also got a to spend some time with one of my former Griffin coworkers and her husband. On Friday I had found out that her hubby had decided to go back to school for Industrial Design, so we got in touch and actually got to see them as well. And so I guess you could say that between getting back to our old campus and seeing former professors and old friends, this definitely was a homecoming weekend on the Plains for us. :-)

By the way, we attempted to take a photo of Abigail that was similar to the one we had taken during the Spring A-Day game 6 months ago. It's not exactly the same, but it's fun to compare the two photos of our baby girl @ Jordan-Hare stadium.


Kristi said...

Buffalo's isn't there anymore :( So i'm just curious, did you have to buy a ticket for Abby?

crashmattb said...

No Buffalo's American Grill (our IND fav hangout), but Buffalo Connection on Shug Jordan is still there (near Wire Road intersection). As for tickets, unfortunately any human, no matter the age and size has to have a ticket. So despite Abby being at an age still where she's held and not sitting on her own, we had to get an additional ticket. Thankfully, Clark Lundell hooked us up with an extra on Friday. It really sucks and I think is a bit ridiculous, but maybe they do it as a deterrent for parents thinking of bringing their young kids along. We've been lucky and got free tickets to the two games we went to this year. Of course, they were pushover games and had we decided to go to a bigger game, Little Miss Abigail wouldn't be going...which means Jill probably wouldn't either. This is just one example of how the entertainment industry actually punishes you for having kids. We looked into a cruise this year and found out that even babies cost an adult full price. The explanation was that it would help pay for daycare. Really? Maybe we'd go on a trip to actually spend time with our daughter not drop her off. Oh well, guess the awakening to the cost of kids is only beginning for me. At least Abby's worth every penny. Ha! :-)

"Nina" said...

She's got so much more hair now!