Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas Catchup!

The long holiday vacation continues for us as we now work into our last week in Tampa, as well as the final days of 2009. First off, let me just say how nice it has been to have some time off and distance myself from my normal hectic schedule. As Jill has explained in multiple postings, I have been putting in some long hours lately for a consulting project at work. It's a good gig to have, and should really help my future career, which makes it hard to complain. However, I can't say that I have been pleased with spending less time at home and being away from Jill & Abigail as much. That's why this vacation away from home has been so nice. I'm getting to spend time with my girls and the 3 of us are spending a lot of time with family here in Tampa during Christmas. If anything, I'd say it's giving us time to recharge our batteries before 2010 arrives. And we've still got plenty planned for our remaining time here, but before I go into that I figured I would catch everyone up on how the last several days have went.

Christmas Day - 12/25
Abigail's 2nd Christmas was an absolute blast. We know she doesn't understand Santa or even Christmas morning yet, but there was no mistaken her smiles when she was opening up her gifts. And so we got up early Friday morning and made our way to the living room so Abigail could see what Santa had brought her. Since she's walking, Jill put her down outside of the couches and from there she walked in to find a shiny new slide. With pointing finger extended, she let all us know there was a new toy there. It wasn't long before she was climbing all over it, and with the help of her Nano, she was sliding down over and over again. Later after Abuela and Wesley arrived, we all swapped gifts with Abigail definitely getting some great new toys and clothes. Even Toby enjoyed a few gifts including a new dog snuggie.

A little while later we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa's for the big family Christmas where we first ate lunch and later opened more gifts. This time Abby got to open gifts with her cousins, Mason & Melina. With those 3 at the center of the living room, we all watched their faces light up as every box was unwrapped. Of course, Abigail racked up again with gifts including more clothes, a toy camera (to take photos like daddy), and a Radio Flyer rocket car. We received an ornament for our tree, a wine making kit and a couple restaurant gift cards. Matt received what's become the traditional stocking stuffer items of meat (beef jerky & a huge pepperoni stick). And might I also add, I got two vintage toy wooden airplanes. I honestly don't remember when the last time I played with one of these, but on Christmas afternoon all the 'boys' opened their planes and went outside to throw them around.

RJ & Alana's Engagement Party - 12/26
Back in October, our good friend RJ finally popped the question to his girlfriend, Alana....obviously she said yes since we helped host an Engagement honoring the two of them. It was a small group of RJ's family and close friends. We enjoyed great conversation, delicious food and lots of wine! The wedding is set for next December. (sorry no photos...Matt took the night off)

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