Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Busch Gardens!

We took Abigail to Busch Gardens for the first time yesterday. Matt and I haven't been in NINE years - neither of us can really believe it's be nine years, but it has.

Abigail had fun with her cousins (Mason, Melina, Marisa & Alyssa), Great-Aunt Sharon and friends (Lilly, Rachel & Sheila - Aunt Sharon's family). The weather was quite chilly by Tampa standards but there were still a ton of people enjoying time 'outdoors' at BG.

While there Abigail rode the carousel and she didn't scream like she did a few months back at the zoo! Abigail pet some birds, and even rode on two other "big-kid" rides. She also watch Tigers roam...both real Tigers and also several Auburn Tigers, who are in town to play in the Outback Bowl. Matt was all giddy hoping to ride a few roller-coasters with some of his fave players or even Coach Chizik, but they seemed to be dispersed all throughout the park and ended up riding only one roller-coaster anyways. Oh well, we now have an annual pass, so we will make a few more visits to the park in 2010.

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"Nina" said...

Great shots as usual! Abigail looks like she had more fun than at the zoo. I think her walking like the bigger kids helps with that! Nina will have to tag along next time!