Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hello July!

My parents arrived late Wednesday night to spend the long Forth of July weekend with us. Thursday AM when Abigail woke up, I was shoved (no exaggeration) out of the way by my mother because she wanted to get Abigail out of her crib. We all had a nice breakfast together where my father fed Abigail scrambled eggs with cheese, something she always refuses to eat from me. Let's see if it continues.After breakfast we headed to Abigail's 3rd swim class at Aqua-Tots. Classes have been good, it's nice having small classes. Unfortunately, although the pool is indoors, the water was cold and Abigail had little goosebumps and slight shivers all class. Nina and Nano didn't get to see too much of our little fish today. Then later in the afternoon we turned on the sprinkler and bubbles and let Abigail have some fun with Nina & Toby.

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Christy said...

i love the sprinkler pics :) sooo cute