Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday: Recovery Day

Bleeding for Photography
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Today, like many other Wednesday over the last couple of weeks, has been my recovery day. You see, I spend my Tuesday evenings reliving my old ballgame glory days by playing softball for 3+ hours for the company team. It all begins with 2 very competitive back to back men's games, followed by a 3rd coed game. By the end of the night I'm not only worn out, but I usually have plenty of scrapes and bruises to show off since I still think sliding and diving is easy to do. My mind says go, but my body definitely reminds me that I'm approaching 30 instead of 20, and even Jill likes to put her 2 cents in about my age. Not that 28 (soon to be) is really old at all, but my body does have a harder time recovering from the Tuesday night punishment I dish out. It's all in fun, though, so I will probably keep this up at least until the season ends in 5 weeks.

BTW, this photo is actually of another incident not involving softball, but in a way it all fits in with my ability to live up to the "Crash" nickname. Later.


I forgot to mention that I wasn't the only Barnes injured in the softball-palooza yesterday. I actually managed to hit Jill (accidentally, of course) with a softball that I threw from left field. After over-throwing our 3rd baseman, it somehow managed to sneak through the gate and tag Jill on the right leg close to her knee while she was sitting down keeping our score sheet. So, make sure to wish her the best in her recovery when you get a chance because I'll be hearing about it for at least the next 6 months. :-)


JillBarnes said...

You forgot to mention the other 'injury' you inflicted, not on yourself. :)

Anita J said...

ok...Jill is not allowed to sit there anymore during the games!!! Funny how she didn't tell me, only to look on your website!!!