Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Daughter, My Blessing

It's so hard to believe Abigail is over a year old. Each and every day has been wonderful because I get to spend my days (and some nights) with my daughter. I've been looking over a lot of pictures from the last year lately, and cannot believe how much our girl has changed and grown. She's still a little peanut, and we'll find her one year stats next week.

Neither Matt nor I have ever wanted to jump pass any 'stage' because we knew each was a stepping stone to the next. If we spent our time saying 'I can't wait until...' then we'd completely miss out on the special moments of that day. Somehow, even though we haven't wanted to speed through the days, it happened anyway. Here we are with this amazing child who brings such joy and happiness to my life, our lives, everyday.

I cannot even count how many times a day I thank God for Abigail. I can only hope you love and appreciate your child(ren) (past, present or future child(ren)) as we love and appreciate our daughter and pray God will continue to bless our daughter as He has blessed us with her.


Janet said...

Great and beautiful post Jill! I completely love your outlook and hope I can mimic it when my turn comes. Life is a blessing and all the people in it. Also...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

"Nina" said...

Just wait to you become a grandparent...talk about loving and appreciating your children! When your Dad & I see you being the wonderful loving & nurturing mother you are to Abigail, we feel blessed beyond measure! You and Matt make us so proud and blessed!