Friday, January 22, 2010

Mommy's Toast

Here's a little bonus (since there was a lack of pictures the last month). I fixed some toast to eat with my coffee. My little moocher received half a slice and took off to her chair. At least Toby is learning not to take food from her. He really was scolded yesterday, so now she's extending some toast to him and he's not too interested. Abigail walked over to me, leaned her head lovingly on my leg, lost her footing and ended up on the floor...never losing her grip, in either hand, of her toast. Here's another pic of the 'kids', it's not easy getting them together (forget getting them to both look at the camera!). I must admit she looks super cute lounging on Toby's couch.
I forgot two randoms yesterday. 1. Abigail will stand up while in her stroller, or on the couch. The positive is when I tell/ask her to SIT, she will do so. 2. Just about any/every music will get Abigail dancing. She's recently started this excited dance where she almost looks likes she's running in place (and "I'm a maniac, maniac on the flooooor" starts in my head).

Lastly I must mention, as I try to finish up this quick little blog... Abs brings her sippy cup over to me and puts the cup on the table. She might turn away, walk a few steps or just give herself a little applause then will get the sippy cup again. I looked over to her during an applause and said 'yea' and she squealed! She's so cute!

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"Nina" said...

Enjoyed the 'ha lo' sounds, but especially how she loves her little chair. It is just the right size for her to sit & get up, sit & get up....!!