Monday, January 25, 2010

What A Mess

I'm sitting on the couch watching Abigail create a mess. This is not the usual mess of her toys scattered around the living room floor.

I must preface the mess explanation by mentioning that Abigail has been super congested since last Tuesday. Tuesday night and Wednesday, Abigail had a fever on and off most the day. We're unable to tell if she's really sick or all the 'fun' symptoms have to do with teeth 7 and 8 breaking through. Regardless of the cause, it's been a really long week because Abigail has been very irritable and cranky. To amplify it all, she's eating poorly too. Today she ate some yogurt, a little spinach puree, a bit of cinnamon raisin bagel and rejected the chocolate milk I let her try this morning.

So what is this mess? My child is feeding herself applesauce. She wanted the spoon, then the bowl. The applesauce was transferred from an adult bowl to an Abby-proof bowl. She's walking around the living room attempting to feed herself. Thank goodness the big majority of furniture is leather and we have hard wood floors in this room! (If it wasn't, this would never be happening.) Applesauce is on the floor and on the ottoman, and I had to take a moment away from typing to clean applesauce off her shoes (yes, Janet, the pink ones - and they are still fabulous).
To my amazement, when we came back to the living room, Toby decided to lick up most of the applesauce. I must admit Toby is the best at primary clean up. I'll be running the Swiffer through here later, and will wipe down the couch and ottoman in case I missed anything with the tissues.

Now Abigail's actually eating a mozzarella cheese stick. (She prefers mozzarella over the colby.) Oh joy. In my attempt to push my water cup away from Abigail's reach, I managed to spill it on my own lap. Seriously? Please, please ask again why I unable to keep frequent post to this blog!


Janet said...

I'll admit she keeps you busy but these are small disasters and you've got the right mom tools to deal with this stuff! I'm so glad the shoes are still fabulous!

Christy said...

i love her. her personality is sooo freakin adorable. you need to come to bham to visit or we need to come to atlanta! we have been thinking of taking E to the Aquarium there. is it worth it?