Thursday, June 10, 2010

Abigail's First Sleep Over

I offered to watch my friend Julie's girls while she went out of town for a girls weekend with her cousins. She was in a bind since her hubby was out of town for work conference. Sarah and Selena are 7yrs old and Addison is two weeks younger than Abigail.

Julie put Addison to bed before she left, which took some difficulty out of it for me! Sarah, Selena, Abigail and I made homemade chocolate ice cream. This was probably not the smartest idea at 9pm at night - giving them chocolate and sugar! When it was time to put Abigail to bed, I settled Sarah & Selena in the guest room with a couple movies.

In the morning Abigail and Addison woke within minutes of each other. I made biscuits and cinnamon rolls and we watched Anastasia. Another friend dropped by for lunch with happy meals.

Overall the night & day went well, with only a few minor "issues". (We learned crayon can be cleaned off tile and dishwasher with 409 and it'll take more than 7yr old twins to completely break our DVD player.)


Alyssa said...

I love Anastasia!

Janet said...

Cinnamon rolls - the tradition lives on! I remember eating those for breakfast every time I slept over your house and when I pass them in Publix I always think of you :)