Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23rd

Abigail had fun outside with bubbles and kicking her new soccer ball.

Matt was supposed to wait to open his present but Abigail wanted to open it!

Abigail jumping like a crazy girl at 9pm!


Janet said...

LOVE the videos!!! 1) If I would have seen this video 3 weeks ago I would have only had eyes for Abigail but now I couldn't help looking at your lush foliage and drop dead gorgeous hydrangeas! 2) I thought Beetlejuice too! 3) LOVE LOVE LOVE this video! If she wasn't such a peanut then you probably would not be getting any use out of the jumper but I loved to see how much fun she was having. The wave goodbye and kiss blow were icing on the cake!

Christina said...

The jumper is quite the aerobic workout! I can't believe she jumped for such a long time.