Friday, May 31, 2013

May Foodie Penpal

I first participated as a Foodie Penpal back in November. It was such a fun idea and I was so excited when my items arrived. I wasn't blogging at the time so I never posted about my experience. In January, with all the excitement leading up to the WDW Marathon I completely forgot to enter myself again until this month.

What is extra fun about the Foodie Penpal matches is that you are matched with two different people, one to send goodies to and one to receive from.  Turns out both my matches this month were MIA and I ended up getting re-matched a few days after original matches were posted.

I would be receiving my package to Abby and she blogs at Life is Wonderific. I shared with Abby I do not like peanut butter or spicy foods, and some of my current favorites are coffee, dark chocolate and green smoothies. I was excited when her package arrived! 

Abby selected a cute card and wrote a simple note inside. I think my favorite item has to be the chocolate coffee, even though I haven't tried it yet! The Odwalla bar was delicious, I had not stumbled upon that bar yet and will be searching for it in the future. The Cookie Dough Luna Bar is one of my favorites (I actually have a box of them in my pantry right now). Lastly, the Cadbury Royal Dark Chocolate Bar is being saved for an extra rough day, as I know it will be delicious.

I sent my package to Jenna in Southern California and she blogs at Momma Told Me. After reading her likes and dislikes, and staying within the $15 spending limit I decided to send her locally made Williamson Bros BBQ Sauce and Jalapeno Cornbread Mix I was able to pick up during our weekend in Pigeon Forge. I also included two Pure Bliss Energy Bars, they are made locally here in Marietta and they are divine!

If you would like to read more about becoming a Foodie Pen Pal, you can do so at The Lean Green Bean. In addition to the spending limit, you'll find dates listed on when you can join, when you'll need to email your penpal and when you'll need to ship your package. You do not have to have a blog to participate either! Once you know all the specifics, you can sign-up HERE

-Have you ever participated as a Foodie Penpal?
-What is one item you like to send or would send if you were to participate?

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Lena said...

I did the Foodie PenPal for a few months and decided I was over it. People weren't being creative with their boxes (ie only putting two items I can get at any store around the country, or not listening to my likes/dislikes and sending whatever. ) I know it may sound like I'm ungrateful, but I put lots of time, thought and effort into the boxes I made, only to receive a box that was purely an afterthought.
Good luck with it and I hope you never experience what I did, it's disappointing for sure. Now my monthly box excitement is over my Stridebox! Love it!