Monday, May 27, 2013

Training Recap: May Week 4

I feel like this week went by crazy fast! Maybe it's because a normal week was cut short with our trip down to Tampa on Thursday, but even before that, I remember posting sometime on Twitter Tuesday night that I couldn't believe how fast the last 48hrs had past.

Monday: Fun Workout
Abigail and I met up with friends at The Georgia Aquarium. Abigail has always loved our visits to the aquarium, especially when we go with friends. We walked through the River Scout exhibit, and the favorite was the river otters. They were so playful, swimming around and scratching their backs (usually they are napping!). The girls asked all types of questions with one aquarium employee at the beluga tank before it was time for the dolphin show, Dolphin Tales. If you've never seen the show, it's more theatrical with a Broadway style script and singing. While the show is done well, I'd prefer a more educational "show" to learn about the dolphins.

Our friends had to leave but we still went through my favorite exhibit of the aquarium, Ocean Voyager. Ever since our first visit to Georgia Aquarium, this has always been my favorite. The four whale sharks are massive in size and yet so peaceful to watch. You can spot a bunch of different fish and sharks, and the manta rays are truly majestic to watch as well. Abigail was using my camera to take pictures, just as she did on our last visit with her Papa last month. A little boy came over and was just as excited about everything and he started pointing at different fish, suggesting she take pictures of different ones. It was sweet. The aquarium employee, Ms Renee, who answered all the questions at the beluga tank, talked a bit about the exhibit (I did not remember this "tank" is the size of a football field! and this viewing area is "in an end zone".). Ms Renee started chatting with Abigail and the little boy, answering more questions. She was absolutely wonderful!

After the aquarium we popped over to Atlanta Station so I could return something at Dillard's. Then Abigail and I walked over to Athleta to check out their running apparel and swim suits. I've had cheap Target suits the last couple years, since they only seem to last one season since they are so cheap. I was in love with their selection, they offered amazing customer service and as I purchased my items I was told of their product guarantee "Love it or return it. Any time. Any reason.". If you are in the market for a new suit, I highly recommend looking into Athleta.

In the evening I was able to escape to the gym for the CORE group fitness class. It's 30 minutes of exclusive core workouts. When the class was finished I ran a mile on the treadmill, with the first half mile at a steep incline at a 10:55 minute mile pace.

Tuesday: 7 Miles
Our morning was postponed waiting for the cable guy. While we waited, I hooked up our bubble machine outside so Abigail and Brewer could pop bubbles. Abigail has always loved bubbles, but I had no idea how much Brewer would like bubbles!

Late in the afternoon, we went back to Food Truck Tuesday and met up with more friends at the park. I finally got to enjoy good food (not Abigail's leftovers) AND I remembered to take a picture of my yummy food. I ordered Lola's Coconut Chicken from Ibiza Bites and plantains with honey and coconut from a Cuban/Puerto Rican truck. I guess I was in a coco-nutty mood! The food was delicious and it was nice to not eat Abigail's rejected food selection for once. I really had my heart/stomach set on a panini, but that truck wasn't there so I'll have to keep that on a back burner for another week. I did learn a new pre-pay option with King of Pops so we were all able to get our preferred popsicle flavors without eating dessert first!

Wednesday: XT or Rest
Abigail and I joined friends at the local skating rink for the last Tiny Tots playdate before summer break. We usually skate together, but Abigail decided she wanted to take her bicycle. She rode her bike and told me to skate with her and she kept speeding up in the same spot and I eventually realized she was shouting "I win!". It was so funny, her little legs pedaling so fast and the disappointment on her face when I would skate faster than she could pedal. She is going to miss these Tiny Tot days but we'll have to find a park with a flat loop where she can ride her bike more often. Our driveway is too bumpy and she doesn't like riding there, and people drive way too fast in our neighborhood for us to want to attempt our street. Maybe I can try running while she rides, that would be a great combination.

This is the Amaryllis I planted late last spring and it never bloomed. It normally is sold around Christmastime but I bought it when it was on clearance and I planted it the following spring. I was super excited early in the week when I saw a bloom emerging. Then the bloom split, and I was more excited because I was going to have two beautiful flowers. I snapped this picture before we left for Tiny Tots. When we returned after Abigail's swim class, she and Brewer were playing out back and the next thing I realized both the beautiful Amaryllis blooms were destroyed. Sigh. He digs holes throughout our backyard, jumps in our compost to eat the rotting fruits and vegetables, has started jumping THROUGH a huge hedge, climbs over Abigail's sandbox... At least I got a picture before the blooms were just a memory.

In the evening I was able to head to the gym and run 5.5 miles in 58 minutes (10:32 pace). I knew I wasn't going to get any running in on Thursday since we'd be driving to Tampa.

Thursday: 5 Miles
I had some errands to run before heading out of town for the long weekend. My mom loves the dark chocolate edamame from Trader Joe's so we made a special trip to East Cobb to get her a few packs as part of her birthday gift. We also stopped at Whole Foods for a stash of my new favorite, Espresso Chip Bonk Breaker energy bars!

I packed and Matt had an afternoon meeting for work before we could eventually got on the road. It was late enough to get stuck in the after work traffic heading out of town, which is extremely annoying. Even with Brewer tranquilized  he was still more than a handful. I ended up sitting with Brewer and Abigail in the backseat, which helped him stay settled. He even laid on my lap the majority of the ride.

Friday: 4 Miles or XT
Even though we arrived after 1am, Brewer and Abigail were up at 7:30 as usual (she normally sleeps in later than the dog). I decided to start the morning taking Brewer for a run. We ran a fast mile, at a 9:39 minute pace then finished with a no leash all out sprint back up my parent's "driveway". We got to spend the morning with our nephew and I even got to rock him to sleep on the porch swing.

Matt and I headed out for "a date night", well that's at least what we told Abigail! We wanted to get in on the Monstrous Summer fun going on at Magic Kingdom, it opened at 6am and was staying open for 24hrs. We ended up meeting one of my WDWMarathon friends, Jen and her husband Clint. It was lots of fun riding all the more "adult" rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. We had more sweet treats than we normally have when Abigail is with us. The Mickey cake pops were sure tasty, I had the vanilla and Matt indulged in the Red Velvet. We *only* made it until a bit after 2am, and I barely made it to get our picture with Mike & Sulley. I'm looking forward to the movie, it comes out the weekend of Matt's birthday!

Saturday: LR: 8 Miles, 10min strong finish
Since we stayed up so late, Matt and I slept in! We made it to my cousin's son's 1st birthday party out in Riverview and got to see almost everyone on my mom's side of the family. For dinner we stopped at a new place in North Tampa, Cigar City Brew Pub. They took over a property that used to be a TGI Friday's, and it was so neat to see how they customized. Most the features throughout the restaurant are repurposed from their brewery. If you're in the Tampa area, I highly recommend visiting, my family gave the beer and food two thumbs up!

Sunday: Rest
For my mom's birthday, we headed out to the beach to meet up with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew. We all had a great time lounging by and playing in the pool, Abigail had a great time playing in the sand at the beach too.

-Did you do anything fun last week?
-Are you excited Monster's University is being released next month?

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