Saturday, August 16, 2008

Babies R Us by JILL

Registering -- I honestly think this is one of my most favorite things to do! I really wish it was possible for more occasions. Many of you know I'm a present person, and yes, I like giving as much as receiving. Really, it's as if you're a kid in a candy store...all the goodies to choose from...and since you're "paying" with a scanning's as if everything is free (at least temporarily).
I love guessing what's wrapped in all the different size packages & bags! (My favorite from our wedding shower was finding the coffee maker, I couldn't wait!!! I just HAD to have it!) Luckily, our baby girl has many things cousins Mason & Melina have out grown (and man, they grow so much in between our visits!). On our next visit to Tampa we really need to inventory what we have...and what we still need. Either way, this hasn't stopped us from registering for more goodies! We previously registered online at Target...but seriously, online isn't as fun as the scan gun! We headed over to the local Babie's R Us to register today. I wasn't sure if Matt was going to be "into" it. Of course, he didn't know about some of the really cool gadgets I've learned from newer, more seasoned parents. He did have a preference on the stroller, liked the 3 wheeler better - so we picked the one with the iBaby sound system. I will admit, it has a MUCH better turning radius than the 3 wheeling alternative and it folds SO much easier too! We had fun picking out bath toys, bibs, some cute little outfits and books! I had too much fun checking out the baby girl shoes, Matt's really will be out numbered - I LOVE SHOES!
And diapers! The Pampers Size 1 Value Box has a 216 count. From what I've heard, newborns go through approx 10 diapers a day for a this giant Value Box wont even get us through the first month! That's just crazy!
As you all know, we are excited about our new arrival...and all the fun & eventful things that are coming along with her! But still, the most fun will happen once she does arrive! :)

The Baby Barnes Registry:
Babies-R-Us Registry & Target Registry


Uma and Wil said...

A word on diapers: you might want to start on the giant box of newborn size instead of size 1. Even if she's big at birth, she could lose up to 10% birth weight, and newborn diapers will fit her much better. I think Chase was in NB size for about a month before she moved on to 1.

JillBarnes said...


Anita J said...

The registry sites are so much fun for us grandparents, too! We just love looking at all the fun stuff to buy. With you guys being so far away, it helps us to feel more a part of it. We can't see your tummy getting bigger on the phone! We hope she will be strong enough for us to feel her kicking on your next visit! LU!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys went crazy at Babies 'r' us! But with a family as big as yours Jill, I think you'll get 99.9% of what you're asking for. I'm no mommy but I've heard rave reviews about swings these days. From my brother and a friend that just had a little guy a month ago too. There are some pretty awesome ones out there and they work wonders, but here's the link for the one my brother got and is very happy with.

danitza said...

aww Anita, you are so adorable... that thing about that you can't see your daugther's tummy getting bigger on the phone touched me. Can't wait to see y'all at the shower!

JillBarnes said...

We have some goodies coming to us from Mason & Melina! A lot of the swings are sooo bulky and we don't have too much extra space in our Townhouse. So we'll see what we end up with! ;)