Saturday, August 30, 2008

College Football Has Arrived

It's the first weekend of September, and that means it's time for the college football season to kickoff again. As Jill and I await our baby girl's December arrival, we'll have 4 months of college football to watch. Now, I know that doesn't excite Jill, but I'm ecstatic about the start of Auburn's new season. With both new offensive and defensive coordinators, as well as new players, this Auburn team will be much different than last year's 9-4 team. The main excitement is due to Auburn's transition to the new spread offense system under OC Tony Franklin. This is huge because Auburn has always been known for their "3 yards and a cloud of dust" style offense for the last 20+ years. Does this mean Auburn's run of being considered "Running Back U" is coming to an end? Will Auburn now begin producing talented QB's instead? Lots of questions remain as I wait for the 6pm kickoff this evening. Of course, winning is key, and this team has the potential to have a special season. For those checking in on our road to becoming parents, be prepared to read over some serious football talk as well. The season is officially here! WAR EAGLE!