Thursday, August 7, 2008


Marcel & Jill @ Griffin Booth
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This guy is a new country artist, his name is Marcel. We met this guy at the Griffin Booth in early June. I had pulled up websites of any artists I wasn't familiar with. I was driving to work today and Marcel popped up on XM Channel 16. It took me a second to realize, oh yeah, we met this guy.

It was really interesting to meet some of the country artists, even though I'm not one of the star-struck types. I think my favorites of the experience were Bo Bice, Little Big Town, Phil Stacey and Julianne Hough. The "biggie" I could have done without, Jessica Simpson - I'm just not a fan.

Overall, it's been nice seeing/hearing some of the artists on XM that we met. :)


Anita J said...

should have posted a link to one of his songs

JillBarnes said...