Sunday, August 3, 2008

Short Weekend in Tampa

Christina & Family
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We're back in Tampa this weekend for Christina's (far right in photo) wedding shower and bachelorette party, along with the revealing of our babies gender to Jill's side of the family today. It's a short weekend trip, but we're squeezing as much as we can into it.

We'll fly back into Nashville tomorrow morning just in time for me to get to work, woohoo! At least our A/C was replaced on Friday, so no more hotel stays (hopefully, knock on wood). And next weekend we're driving down to Georgia to see my family and do the baby gender reveal to them as well. By that point Jill and I will be able to proclaim to the world if we'll be having a baby girl or baby boy in December. It's another step, which reminds me....we need to pick out a name. That'll be out task for the upcoming weeks or so. I've realized we're extremely picky about names based on conversations to date, so this may take a while. We'll keep you posted. Until next time, later!

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