Thursday, February 18, 2010

Silly Girl

We had a great visit with my grandparents over the weekend! Abigail had a runny nose the entire time and since Monday has had off and on symptoms that I'm not sure where the fault should lie, a cold or teething. Abigail spent all day Tuesday sleeping on me! I wont lie, I did enjoy it a good bit. Abigail was just so sad and pathetic, it's no fun when she doesn't feel well and even worse because she cannot explain what's wrong.While she still felt slightly feverish yesterday, and slept on Matt for almost 2.5hrs while I went to an evening Zumba class, she's almost back to 100% today. Abigail is eating better, but not as well as she normally eats. I will allow a lot more when she's not feeling well, which is why I allowed her to climb in and out and bounce on the baby bouncer today. Until I realized...I was shocked! I should not have been shocked, Abigail is a climber. After I grabbed my camera (which was right next to me) and took a quick pic, I asked her to sit and she obliged. What a good girl!

Upon downloading a video from Saturday, I realized there were a few pictures I never downloaded from my camera. Enjoy!
Mommy's Sunglasses, December 16th

Abigail, The Shredder, January 26th
The last time Abigail was 'sick' I allowed her to shred some tissues because she had fun and wasn't being whiny. Like I said above, I will tolerate/accept much more when Abigail doesn't feel well. Turns out she wasn't sick, she had two new teeth breaking through.

Abigail Loves Bananas, February 5th

Playing with Evie, February 7th
The girls had so much fun playing together before the Superbowl. Abigail really liked the shopping cart and actually climbed into it! She lounged in it as if it was a recliner, and I pushed her around the house while she was in it (probably not the best example).
Crazy Hair with Daddy, February 15th

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