Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Recap - Snow, Family & Olympics

Happy President's Day, everyone! Oh yeah, in case some of you have forgotten or just didn't really celebrate this day a whole lot, I'm reminding you. It's an easy reminder for me since this is a public holiday according to my company and therefore I get today off. Anyways, I figured I should do a little recap of our weekend since we did have an adventurous one with both the arrival of Jill's grandparents (Abby's great grands) from Tampa and also several inches of snow to the Atlanta metro area.

On Friday, Grandma & Grandpa Henriquez got in town a little before lunchtime and the girls headed out for pizza in Marietta Square. Meanwhile, my lunchtime was spent having a business lunch with potential new employers in Buckhead, which went great by the way. Still seems to be a few more meetings shy of working out the details, but things are progressing forward as the road to my office closing March 31st grows shorter. Speaking of interviews, I have a 2nd opportunity calling that will have me leaving the house here shortly for that at 4pm. Okay good, but let's go back to Friday. So as I was walking out of the lunch I noticed the snow coming down, so I hit the road and after a little bit of traffic issues thanks to the weather I did finally make it home. Once home, we all got to really enjoy the snow that was coming down fast and heavy, and it wasn't long before the kid in me was ready to head outside to have some fun. So after a little bundling up, especially for Miss Abigail, we trekked out into the, with camera in hand:

02-12-10 from Jill Barnes on Vimeo

The snow eventually ended later that evening, so we all had a home-cooked dinner and enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. On Saturday morning we woke up to a gorgeous winter wonderland with snow blanketing everything. Add in the bright sunshine and blue cloud-less skies and it made for a photogenic morning worth capturing. And I'm glad I did take several photos before we headed out for breakfast because the snow began to melt fast and by later that afternoon our front yard was almost entirely snow free.

As for the rest of the weekend, it really seemed to fly by. On Sunday we made a trip over to Buford to visit with one of Grandpa's cousins, then made a stop at the Dekalb Farmer's Market before heading back home. That evening my parents (Nana & Poppa) made the drive up and we all went out to dinner at the famous Marietta Diner, which is really great by the way. Anyways, the weekend came to a close last night, but did stretch into today since I was off from work. Grandma & Grandpa Henriquez left for Pigeon Forge this morning after breakfast and the day has flown by since. So that's a wrap I guess. Snow, family and Olympics were the highlights to a great weekend. I know Abigail had plenty of fun with her great grands, and I know they enjoyed every moment they had with her, too.


"Nina" said...

Love all the snot photos, but especially the video. I am so loving Abigail's little chatter! See you in two days.....hooray!

"Nina" said...

oops...didn't proof read...I meant SNOW, not snot! (Although some of the photos have a little bit of drippy nose on Abby!)

Kristi said...

mmm...Marietta Diner. I'm ready to go back and actually have some of that cake!