Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Picking up the Camera Again...

(Abigail playing Peek-A-Boo)
It's Tuesday evening here, and the house is just a bit quieter now that little miss Abigail is down for the night. With no wild little girl running around both Jill and I try to enjoy a little down time before we too call it a night, and lately it's been spent trying to catch up with the evenings broadcast of the Olympics. Of course, it also provides a chance for us to blog, and tonight I figured I should take lead since I finally broke out my camera after a 10-day hiatus.

So, why the camera drought? Well, I guess I've just been overwhelmed with work and stuff and for those who don't know, taking photos like I do usually requires a lot of time processing afterwards. With Abs sick most of last week, taking photos was the last thing on my mind. And with Anita and Wayne here this weekend, I honestly just didn't get a chance since the weekend seemed to absolutely fly by. Just ask them. They arrived on Thursday evening, and before we knew it Sunday morning had arrived and they were headed back to Tampa. Abby had a great time with them, though, including a trip to the Georgia Aquarium on Friday. Here's some photos they took:

Alright, the initial reason I dusted off my camera and began taking photos was because I had to shoot a self-portrait for my professional bio. You see, I at first tried to find a photo I already had that could work, however it seems Matt here likes to only make faces at the camera instead of just simply smiling. Now I know that may not be all that surprising to most of you, but I really did think I could at least find one. Sure, one of our wedding photos became an option, but it would've been a little cheesy to use one of those with me all dressed up...not to mention it was nearly 4 years ago. :-)

And no, this one didn't make the cut, but I figured I'd post it anyways...

Okay, enough about me. I know most of you want to see Abby photos, so keep scrolling and you'll see photos from two separate sessions. One was us playing in the sunroom before dinner, while the other set is of the silly girl making faces and playing peek-a-boo in her high-chair after dinner.


Alyssa said...

Whale sharks are lame sharks.

"Nina" said...

LOVE the hat shots, peek-a-boo and oh those teeth and that pointy little tongue!

LOVE all of them!