Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Roll & Sites of DC

What a day! We started the day taking a few pictures before our lunch date.

We dined with Frank Sanchez, Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, at the Department of Commerce.

Soon it was time to join 6,000 others in line for our 1:45 time slot at The Easter Egg Roll. It was a very long line, very hot too!

We finally milled through the line, through security, our tickets were scanned and Abigail got a wrist band (which we put on her ankle so she wouldn't fool with it). We were in, and Abigail had passed out! I woke her up so she could take some pictures, but there was a lot to soak in, so much going on! Characters were walking around, kids were rolling Easter eggs, there were kids hula-hooping and running football drills, Justin Beiber was on stage singing just to name a FEW!

Apollo Anton Ono, the most decorated USA Winter Olympian, read Dr Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham. Abigail very much enjoyed story time with Apollo, we read her Dr Seuss often!

We didn't stay much longer because it was so crowded and hot. On the way out Abigail was given a commemorative egg.

Our day was not over. Off to see the sites of DC. First was the World War II Memorial.

We past the Reflecting Pool on our way to the Lincoln Memorial. For those of you who do not know, Matt fell into the Reflecting Pool while posing for a photo op as a teenager during a family trip.
We continued on to The Lincoln Memorial and the Korean War Memorial, the cherry blossoms were blooming everywhere and they were gorgeous!

Next our the walking tour was the newer Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial. It was such a beautiful day!

Last stop was the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Lots of walking overall, but what a great day and lots of GREAT photos to show for it!

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"Nina" said...

Wonderful memories made in a very short visit!!