Friday, April 2, 2010

Sleeping Beauties & Yazoo

Do you remember when we lived in Nashville and "lived" at Hotel Preston for a couple weeks? I do: our A/C died, it was super hot and I was 18wks pregnant. Hotel Preston has very comfortable beds. Do you remember our sweet little dog catching some Zzzz's?Abigail slept all night in her pack-n-play and woke, as usual, super early to get her morning milk. (It was actually an hour earlier than normal because Nashville is Central Time Zone.) Well, on this fabulous morning, Abigail actually went back to sleep. She snuggled with her daddy, it was so sweet. Matt eventually got out of bed and Abigail was not disturbed. When I finally tried to wake her she was not interested! (I snapped on my cell and sent it to a few via text message.) Next, I decided to unbutton her pajamas, thinking it would surely wake her. It did not and she just rolled over and made herself more comfortable.
I love that little pose, it reminded me of her first photo-shoot.In the meantime, I received a reply picture text from my cousin Marisa. Melina was just as sleepy this morning!

It was great spending a night in Nashville. We were able to see some friends and old co-workers; and even made a stop at the new Yazoo brewery location. After looking over Matt's pictures, I'm insanely surprised how few pictures he took!
The new bar, with many more taps!
Brian and Brandi working the bar.
A beer named Sue, the menu and Matt's beers. Even though there are more taps, the line is even longer than at the old location. Matt would get two beers so he was standing in line half the time. He was a little disappointed that they do not sell cases from this new tap room.

I thought there was a picture with Matt in it too, but maybe it was taken with someone else's camera. I cannot believe Matt did not get a picture of Clint & pregnant Fernanda!