Thursday, April 8, 2010

Zoo Pics from March 20th

Abigail enjoyed sharing the day at the zoo with Nana & Papa!
All the monkeys: lemurs, orangutans, apes were the favorites on this trip to the zoo. They were very active and it was cutes seeing some of the young apes playing tag.
Abigail rode the carousel THREE TIMES!

I rode the train with Abigail. It was a rough ride and the tunnels, although lit, were scary because they were so loud. We'll try it again on another visit.
Abigail had lots of fun with Nana & Papa at the Zoo! We're glad they also bought an annual pass so we can keep going back throughout the year.


"Nina" said...

She loves the carousel! Nano was remembering how she did not want to get off of the one at Disney!

Christina said...

The carousel video made me a little dizzy.