Friday, August 13, 2010

Bumps, Bruises and a Busted Lip

Little Crashette continues her full blast speed throughout the days. She forgets her age and size and is determined to do what she is physically unable.

The first time I can remember was on Easter Sunday, Abigail was walking too fast and scraped up her knee a bit. As the Spring & Summer weather continued, her little knees have continuously stayed scuffed. She has tripped numerous times on our driveway, chasing after me while I get the mail; regardless of me reminding her to be careful and walk.

After we returned home on Monday from Tampa, we headed to a playdate on Tuesday. We left the playdate with a small scratch on her cheek bone (below her right eye) and another on her forehead. I'm sure this was due to a "flying" toy of some sort while playing with the other children. In the evening, the raised area around the scratch went down but a light bruise began to show itself.

Last night as Abigail was eating Cheerios out of Matt's hand, she managed to scrape her gum on a not round Cheerio causing it to bleed slightly.

This morning she was standing next to me on the couch and put her head back, right into the metal hook for the window curtains! And I noticed a little bruise on her right shin; I have no idea where that came from.

Today was the worst, self-inflicted injury to date. Not only did she trip on the sidewalk as we walked into KangaZoom but then she stepped onto a ledge at McDonald's lost her balance and now has a busted lip. It's on her left side on the bottom and is still a little swollen. It bled, and I even saw some blood in her mouth (possibly re-injuring the spot from last night's Cheerio incident?).

I hope we're done with Crashette for a few days, let these current boo boos heal before more present themselves.

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