Tuesday, August 3, 2010

She's A Cutie

There are so many things Abigail can do or surprise me by doing each day. In the brief moment, I don't write down these moments and hours then days go by and I've completely forgotten. Here are a few things from today.

1. I call them "Nina's Pretties" and today Abigail picked one up, I started to scold her (which I've done a few times since Saturday) until I realize she was trying to give the little girl a drink from her sippy cup.

2. Abigail received a little Spam pig (like a stress reliever ball) from my Uncle Steve & Aunt Joanna, a souvenir from their tour of the Spam Museum. I handed it to her while in the car and she pointed and said 'glasses'. She knows what glasses are and has been able to say it by name for a while now, but for some reason it surprised me and made me smile.

3. She's really going to like thrill rides when she's tall enough to ride them. Daddy likes to throw her up in the air and spin her around. (Think Ring-Around-The-Rosey but so fast that Abigail's feet lift off the ground.) I'm not sure what she likes more, the spinning or feeling dizzy afterwards.

4. I don't remember what she/we were doing at the exact time, but our faces were close. Abigail put her nose against mine and gave me spontaneous Eskimo kisses!

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