Saturday, August 28, 2010

Six Flags

Spent the day at Six Flags. Abigail and Gavin looked so cute in the double stroller together! (Huge thanks to my friend Jennifer for letting me borrow it!)
They kept staring at the roller-coasters as they zoomed by. The 'big kids' got to ride some of the roller-coasters too. We all rode the train, Abigail loves trains.
I was very disappointed Abigail and Gavin weren't allowed to ride the kid rides. We rode them with Abigail on our last trip, but the employee wasn't allowing it today. Even though she didn't get to ride some rides, Abigail was exhausted at the end and passed out.
We all went out for pizza as an early celebration of Donnie's birthday. Then we came back to the house for some cake and ice cream.

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