Friday, August 13, 2010

Mrs. Potato Fan?

This little fan is in Abigail's room to give her some white noise. It has helped to cancel out other noises, like if Toby barks downstairs or the doorbell rings (also causing Toby to bark) or if some jets from the Dobbins Airforce Base try to ruin my kid's nap.

Recently, Abigail has decided to put the features from her Mrs Potato Head into the fan. Very creative, I must admit, but we don't want her to play with the fan. It almost seems that the more we try to keep her away or scold her, the more she's interested.

Abigail can also turn the night light on and off. She even tried to do it with her toes, like Mommy.

In this next picture, she was playing with her belly button while saying 'belly button'. She says it soooo cute! Did you notice her pink glitter shoes?

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