Monday, September 1, 2008

Short Week Ahead

The extended Labor Day weekend is coming to a close about as quick as it started, but I think it was overall a productive weekend...

First, let me just say that the "nesting stage" for Jill is now fully active. About Wed or Thurs of last week, Jill got off work early and got motivated to clean up the garage. I figured she would've done a little cleaning, but I really had no idea. She knocked it out, and we actually have a garage to walk around in now thanks to Jill's hard work. That leads us to my weekend projects. On Friday night I got to hang shelves in both the laundry room and our bathroom in order to make use of some unused spaces. This allowed us to clear out some space in the closets of the spare bedrooms, as well as move Jill's many shoe boxes out of the bedroom. I haven't felt like doing a whole lot of work to our townhome, but this work was worth the added space, especially since it's so limited. It makes us feel better, too, because we're getting better at that "pack-rat" status since the little one is on her way. We're both sure she'll have plenty more to add to our collection of things in the coming months and years, so might as well do it now. And an afternoon trip to Goodwill cleared some more space today, although I'm sure we'll be heading back in a few weeks to drop off more as the purge process continues. Anyways, I managed to do a little work yesterday by adding more shelves in our guest bedroom, and then added roll-up blinds to my list of accomplishments tonight. All in all, a productive weekend. Just pray for me that my nesting wife doesn't add more to the "to-do" list. :-)

(AP Photo/Todd J. Van Emst)

Beyond working on home improvement projects, I actually managed to work in some football this weekend also. And let me just say how much I've truly missed college football..."I've truly missed college football." I got a few early games in such as Florida-Hawaii and VT-ECU, but of course the Auburn game was my main focus on Saturday night. Since it was PPV, we met up with Mark & Samantha at Sportsman's Grille to watch the Tigers beat up on Louisiana-Monroe. I could go into a long analysis of the game here, especially how disappointed I was in the new spread offense's lack of productivity, but I will spare you because Auburn won easily with a 34-0 win. Not much fun critiquing an easy win, so I will just save those for the big-time SEC games instead. And regardless of my criticism, I still think Auburn is a very good team with tons of potential for the remaining 11 games. Hopefully, this should be a fun season to be an Auburn Tiger.

And so that concludes our Labor Day weekend. We now roll right into a very short week due to our upcoming trip down to Tampa. On Thursday evening we'll be heading south for Christina & Eric's wedding, and all the festivities that will surround it. We'll probably blog more about the upcoming weekend as it inches close so stay tuned. Have a great week, everyone!