Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Fabuloso! First Day by JILL

My arrival in Marietta was smooth yesterday. The fun filled day started with the early morning drive. Then I stopped by American Signature to buy what we're going going to use as a changing table for Abby. I met the Realtor to get the key to the house and then waited for the DirectTV guy to arrive. Matt and I picked out a refrigerator and he got that ordered (and it was delivered this morning at 7:30am!).

Family friends, Robert & Jeri Menendez and Betty Rodriguez, dropped by to see our new home. They had also been commissioned by my mother to unload my car for me, their help was much appreciated. Meanwhile, DirectTV showed up and DID NOT get things hooked up. He had some lame excuse about his ladder being broken and needing to move the satellite (to a more visible FRONT corner of my house - not happening!) so I needed to get a second opinion. Lame! Now I have to wait another couple days for the supervisor to come out, an absolute waste of my time.

Then I waited for the homeowner to arrive. He brought extra house keys, a list of helpful hints for the neighborhood & good places to visit near-by and to approve our paint colors (since we're not buying immediately). I headed out to pick up something for dinner and came back to the house to wait on my Dad and Bob Ball to arrive (they've come up from Tampa to help with some pre-move in tasks). While watching Dancing with the Stars online from Monday, I decided to see how difficult the wall paper in the dining room was going to be to remove. Dad & Bob showed up, got a tour, and we attacked the dining room wall paper together.

Dad thought he was mixing warm water with liquid soap, but when he sprayed it on the wall paper, I smelt Fabuloso. (Now if you're not familiar with Fabuloso, it's a floor cleaner. It is purple and has a floral scent, quite pleasant. My mom became hooked to the stuff while working at Bombay Company years ago, they used it there to clean the wood floors; and now I'm hooked on it too.) Well, Dad discovered a new wonderful use for Fabuloso, it works much better than the wall paper stripper I purchased at Home Depot! And it's cheaper too!

Now, still early in Day Two, the horrible wall paper is now just a memory. Dad and Bob are finishing removing the glue layer; I'm on a break and it's good timing because the remnants must be reached by step stool and ladder. (For the record, MOM, I'm leaving all step stool and ladder activities for everyone else!) It's nice seeing the progression so far...and it's only going to keep looking better! Matt is going to be so impressed when he arrives on Saturday!