Friday, October 24, 2008

Tampa Bag Swap

Tampa Downtown

Alright, we're down in Tampa for the weekend for another series of events (Mason's B-day party & Baby Shower for Abby). Despite a stressful start to our trip (arriving at the airport 30 mins before our flight departed), we made it onto the plane and had a fairly easy flight down. Once we arrived at Tampa we were greeted by Wayne & Anita, grabbed our bags for baggage claim and then headed over to International Mall for dinner with Wes and Mr. Charlie O'Reilly at the Cheesecake Factory.

Unfortunately, the smoothness of our arrival was interrupted when I opened Jill's bag to find a bunch of stuff that did not belong to us. Yep, I managed to grab the wrong bag. Now before you give me the speech..."Matt, why didn't you check the tag???"...I will go ahead and say that under the circumstances I just didn't even think that was necessary. You see, I noticed our main black bag almost immediately when I walked up, and only a few bags down was what looked to me to be Jill's sporty duffle bag. Now this bag is unbelievably unique unlike all those black suitcases you normally see. It's a blue bag with some tan trim (blah, blah, blah), and as luck would have it that there would be a person who would somehow possess this strangely unique bag as well. We never even use this bag...ever...but Jill needed a large expandable bag so she could be able to pack all of Abby's goodies from the baby shower. And so we used the bag...and it was cursed. I still can't believe that someone out there owns the exact same bag, much less that one other person in this world who owns it managed to take our flight. Unreal, but that's just my luck. And honestly, are you surprised by this story?? Come on, this is Crash here so you shouldn't be. :-)

Anyways, we (Southwest Baggage Team) managed to reach the guy who had also grabbed Jill's bag without even noticing until he was at his hotel. After a short wait, we both swapped handshakes, apologies, and bags of course. Within minutes Wayne and I made it back to the mall to join up with everyone else for a tasty dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (Pasta Da Vinci rocks!).

And so we're about to crash for the night before getting up tomorrow morning and going to Mason's 3rd birthday party. The theme will be SHARKS!, so stay tuned for a few photos. And as I mentioned above, our baby shower for Abigail will be Sunday. Both events should give me plenty reasons to snap away on the camera so look for photos at some point. Have a great weekend!