Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Last Day in Nash by JILL

It's officially my last day in Nashville. I'm heading to our new home tomorrow morning so I can meet up with a few utility companies to get things rolling before Matt arrives with the movers on Saturday. Then my dad and cousin (Bob Ball) are driving up tomorrow night as well (to help with some pre-move-in painting). **And by 'help', I really mean they'll be doing all the work. The pregnant one is not allowed to be around the fumes.**

Matt and I had a full day yesterday. I had my last Nash OB appt (32wk), picked up a smell-good Toby from the boarders, and checked a few other items off my list. And before you continue reading, I asked my doctor today about what I could and could not do. She said I'm not allowed to lift more than 25lbs (and really anything more than that is too awkward with a belly so I can't do it even if I wanted to!). She also recommended taking frequent breaks and staying hydrated - which I do both!

Once we returned home, we had a fun-filled evening of packing and stacking (yes, Matt did all the stacking). Our garage is looking more and more like how Bombay's storage room used to looked (full of boxes on boxes on boxes). Matt worked on the office. I tried to tackle some weirdly shaped items, creating boxes for them (like fireplace tools and the cool metal centerpieces from our wedding). My goal this time around: everything in a box! This way we can maximize all the space on the truck (I think this is where we got in some trouble last move - so many things were not stackable and we ran out of space). The Titans v Colts on Monday night football distracted Matt a bit, but their victory kept him energized enough to help me take apart the baker's rack before we headed to bed.

This morning, I'm heading to breakfast with a few co-workers from Hotel Preston (Yum! IHOP!). Then I'll be here at the house the rest of the day doing more packing. I really WANT to splurge myself with a pedicure today, but I'll have to hold off, there's much to do...and I don't need to waste any time (I'll waste enough time just being myself, either procrastinating (like writing this blog) or easy distractions (Toby needs pets!).

Wish me luck on my last day!!! May it be filled with tons of productivity (and relaxation)!