Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Packing Stinks by JILL

Moving Makes You Tired

I slowly started packing over a week ago. We saved some moving supplies from last year, so that was helpful. I've been picking up booze boxes from the liquor store and Matt brings used boxes from Griffin. Somehow, we're filling up the garage more and more of packed boxes, yet it still seems there is so much stuff for us to pack!

We mostly attacked the kitchen this evening. And since it looked like a disaster zone, we called out for pizza to make it easy. There's only a few remaining things left in the kitchen. No worries, I bought paper plates and we have plastic cups! Luckily, some box sizes allowed for us to pack some wall art as well. It was really a challenge to match frame sizes throughout the house to pack like sizes with like.

Toby must really get worn out watching us work! We get started packing, and he starts snoring. Maybe he's just storing up some energy for the fenced back yard? (Maybe that's wishful thinking on our part!)

I'm exhausted and tomorrow is my last day at The Hotel good night for now!