Thursday, September 10, 2009

At Week's End

Thursday night has arrived and we're just spending some time here catching up with Christina (Jill's 1st cousin from Tampa). She flew in tonight and will be spending the weekend with the 3 of us. So far we have plans to go to Stone Mountain and the Chick-Fil-A dwarf house, but we'll see what else we can get into this weekend.

So, last blog was almost entirely dedicated to Auburn and the start of the college football season. I'm glad to report that despite Jill's disapproval, it was a "couch-potato" Saturday for me ending in a great opening victory for my Tigers in Auburn. Next foe is Mississippi State, so we'll see which schools new coaching staff will be better prepared on Saturday night. In the meantime, enjoy some photos of Abby's first Auburn gameday.

As for Sunday, well it was both a really great day and also a very bad day. Thanks to Abby keeping Jill up most of Sat night, we skipped church and she tried to catch up on sleep while me and Abs had some fun playing around that morning. After lunch we headed to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens where we met with the family of one of Jill's "Marietta Mom" friends. They were wanting new family and kid photos, so I played photographer most of the afternoon while enjoying the beautiful gardens. I really got some great shots and we all had a lot of fun, at least until I did something that broke my heart...I broke my $400 camera lens. Yep, I somehow managed to drop my camera and it landed on the lens breaking it off and also damaging my recently purchased shoe-mount flash. I'm a little more optimistic that the lens can potentially be repaired now, but when it happened I was completely sick. Accidents happen, though, especially when you're name is Matt Barnes. Considering I don't really take many photog gigs, it may take a while to save up enough money to repair or replace, but at least my camera still works fine and I have a very good 2nd lens that I can use for now. Here's a photo of the damaged lens. Feel free to shed a tear with me...

By the way, a week ago we went to a park here in Marietta to go walking and I brought along my camera, of course. Here's some of the photos of the post-walking fun we had on the playground with Abby:

Stay tuned, more photos to follow in the next blog...

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"Nina" said...

Edit: ...,especially when your name is 'Crash' Matt Barnes.

I know you feel like ....! I hope it can be repaired.