Monday, September 14, 2009


I originally started writing this blog yesterday. I was excited because I was actually blogging about events that happened the same day, because as you well know, this has not happened in a while - especially by me. As Abigail had it, she fought like crazy last night to go to bed. Matt tried, twice...then I tried, we watched some Jay Leno, and tried again. So my blog was barely started and now I'm posting, without the detailed information I began last night. Why no further details on how amazingly cute Abigail is? Because she just woke up from her nap and I can hear her babbling in her crib as the song plays "Who's that baby looking in the mirror? Who's that baby looking at you? Who's that baby looking in the mirror? That baby looks just like you!"

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"Nina" said...

love the 'da-da'...also the sitting at the stairs after Daddy says no...with her hands folded like 'oh well, i tried.'

Also at the end when Daddy asks her to say bye-bye, it almost sounds like she is saying 'a-bye'.

As always...too cute!