Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Abs & Tobs

I must be honest, I really was a bit concerned with how Toby would handle not being the only child. He was bumped aside by a tiny thing that cries at night, his stress led him to create a new lick wound. As Abigail has grown bigger and become mobile, I became more concerned - because well, he was never fond of children. His 'protective' nature to warn me when the mailman is delivering, when a neighbor walks by or heaven forbid he needs to tell me about the squirrel in the front tree is all fine and dandy, unless it's when Abigail is napping. But with Abigail, he's funny! He'll let us know when she's getting too close to his couch, she likes to pull up on the ottoman. It's not the same protective tone, as with the mailman or squirrels, it's a playful tone. Toby has started to want to play with her! He's has a playful bark (which sometimes startles her) and I have to tell him she's not big enough to play with him yet. I will play with him instead, but he'll go back to her. He has stolen objects from her (a pacifier for example) and gallops off with it!

I've mentioned previously how Toby is thoroughly enjoying Abigail eating, since she shares her food with him. I'm transitioning Abigail from the Puffs to Cheerios now that she's 'chewing' better. Toby likes the Cheerios much better than the Puffs. Abigail giggles each time Toby licks her hand, unfortunately she wont always open her hand for him to get the Cheerio and in this scenario she giggles too.

Beets, they were for dinner.

Here are two videos from last week, we used up all our memory last week so we're a little tardy in posting these.


"Nina" said...

I couldn't get into the two video's at the bottom. Could not click to type in password. Worked on other two.

Love the giggles with Toby! That toothy grin too!

"Nina" said...

Good idea train her to put them in the basket...10 cents...for her piggy bank sounds good to her Nina!

Christy said...

loovvve the first pic. sooo cute