Monday, September 28, 2009

Abigail's First Auburn Game

Saturday we drove down to The Plains to enjoy some Auburn football, compliments of Emily & Mike Zieman - THANK YOU!!!

It's been 2 or 3 years since Matt & I attended a game in Auburn. (Matt attended the AU-Vandy game last year, but it's a bit of a sore subject.) It was a bit wild to see how not only the campus has changed, but the entire city itself! Matt has a great old man voice when discussing "when we attended Auburn", it kept me laughing. We drove around town and were able to meet up with some old friends before the game.

The weather was very rainy but we managed to stay mostly dry. There was a crazy downpour before the game, which caused the game to be delayed 30mins. We very much enjoyed the pre-game happenings, Abigail enjoyed looking at everything going on around her.

She used up all of her energy before the game and passed out sometime between the National Anthem and Waaaaaaaar Eagle! kick-off! The rain started again right at kick-off too, so Abigail and I headed to the concession area to watch the game in a dry area. It was very loud, even under the stands! Abigail took a nice long nap throughout the first quarter. The weather continued to stay yucky the entire first half so we decided to leave at half-time since the rain stopped. We watched the rest of the game at The Buffalo Connection and were happy for another Auburn victory. Overall, it was a great trip to The Plains and we are looking forward to doing it again for Auburn Homecoming.


Kristi said...

super cute! Too bad your next game is homecomming (I bet b/c of IDSA). We'll be at the KY game.

"Nina" said...

Looks like she really enjoyed all of the pre-game action! And what about that big t.v.? Too cute, but I still didn't see the orange tutu.

Christy said...

sooo cute